Written 2/7/09 1757-2254

Purple does the rain walk


in the hills

of Green knives



The fauna is thirsty

they drink the red out of the rain



Yellow sometimes is the rain for this

desperate is its concern.



From Violet passion to envious




What was once Crimson in self

What was once Orange for the Arches of Heaven

What was once Pink with out worry or concern for anything


Now, fallen deep Blue and gained  freedom

far removed from that once bright beginning…



Descending from purity, it now wearily walks

among the weeds that might aspire to touch

Arches—trees in their deep souls.



The rain knows its proud and unfinished past

—seeking to reach the bottom of the world

learned that the truth was not in the skies

knowing that trees will beautify the air

hoping that their roots will follow it into

the depths of time and trust in the worlds firmament.


Great waters await the trees.

The rain wishes that it is Purple,

The rain will not keep anything not truly itself,

The rain will walk in the hills — forever free.

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2 Responses to Written 2/7/09 1757-2254

  1. Captain Yushi says:

    Wow.. I liked it so much.so deep indeed. It touched my heart. lookin to read more 🙂 from you.

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