CI 02

                               Collection of inspired works                              Rick Stephens

                         50+ pages of intellectual and egomaniacal ranting                  11-05-05


        Warning: reading this is a hazard to your comfortable worldview                 


     “Memory and imagination are but one thing, which for diverse considerations have diverse names”-Schwartswold (fictional character from Japanese anime Big O, episode 17 [Leviathan]).  This really has nothing of great concern in my writings to be excerpted from, and at the same moment, is the perfect representation for all my writings. Scoff if need be, however, there is an irrational amount of theological wisdom and intellect in nearly all Japanese manga (as contrasted with American comic books, cartoons, and/or movies).  For example, Ruruni Kenshin has a character (I believe it was spelled as Shishioh) who relies utterly on Darwinism to support his really evil motives, and he actually makes quite a few important points.  Another being Ghost in the Shell: in the first movie, it is all about what the considerations and changes necessary to the definition of humanity should be when we all become ingrained in cybernetics, a time when, as Batou (a main character) put it, “All the information that someone accumulates in life is just another drop in the bucket.”  That is something that can be realized today, in the world where most people are just an algorithm of numbers (phone, address, pin #, IQ, ect.) and people lose sight of the depth lying just beneath the surface of the numbers.  Well, actually, that is only what people might say to be true, when really, numbers define existence. However, if you actually take the time to read this, I won’t have to try to convince you of this.


     To ask me the Universal Flaw is to open Pandora’s Box, it unleashes a very sad, destructive truth on the world.  The truth is that there is no meaning within reality or the universe. Now, it is vital to make the distinction between purpose and meaning, in that the television has the purpose of spreading information very fast, but meaning is indicated by the actual information and whether it holds any kind


of value (and it is up in the air as to whether or not any of it is productive).  Now, the universe-which is its contents, only exists to fill a specific logistical slot, which is only one of an infinite number of them.  We are to fill a specific hole in reality’s quantum-mechanical probability grid, and this grid is infinite, because the spacetime we are immersed in is infinite.  Our entire existence, which is (outrageously) a part of the universe which is fundamental and unchanging, only is on one point in the entire grid, which is good, because there has to be room for the infinite quantities of other universes.  Now, this appears outrageous, but anyone knows that there is always something that is preceding our present, being something infinite (most falsely assume that this is an implication of a god), and another that proceeds the present into the unending future (again people look to a creator for answers). If there are an infinite number of universes, altogether referred to as the multiverse (what a surprise) any act of “godhood” can be replicated: creation, life, and miracle.

     This is just a matter of chance, in fact. Creation requires energy, which is supplied by collisions between these universes; life therein is a product of luck, which really has overwhelming possibility of occurring: if you have a miniscule chance of something occurring, but there is a never-ending sequence of random events, then it will happen, and it won’t just happen once, it will occur every so often on the timeline, which being everlasting, holds an infinite amount of these occurrences- whatever you can imagine will happen, regardless of your ability to observe or remember. 

     Now while it may seem odd that you have just read this and yet can’t recall ever having a pet dragon or being ruler of the world, you have, it just takes a more flexible ideal of personal identity.  See, because there is a chance that you exist (which is a circuitous thought, because, obviously, you do) there are inherently an infinite number of you(s), which have had slightly different experiences than what you would attest to, thus have different similar preferences and beliefs, so all these people could claim to be you. 



     But because they are all different and of course the same as you and people do invariably vary from one to another, you could take this a bit further to the point of that all people are simply you at a different point in the probability grid.  Humor me; if all people can be generalized by such terms as, “people are beasts” or “people are sentient” and in fact, either of these statements can be reversed, as, “beasts are people, too” and, “sentient beings are people”.  This only further strengthens my argument.  From amoebas to deities, we are all the same, and thus falter at one question, because there is no answer.

     What is the meaning of it all? The truths, the facts, the realities, perceptions, free will, and consciousness; do any of these things arise from a higher calling? Perhaps, as I know that a god, who coordinated the pieces of the universe into a cohesive, albeit mysterious whole, is not an uncommon feature in the multiverse, but beyond our own universe and our neighbors, do these beings have a purpose?  After all, in Christianity, God (as in, their god) has no function beyond the creation, and we only serve as his worshippers, thus having no other alternate cause for existence. Is that really such a deep and fulfilling truth, that the world should acknowledge it as such?  I say this not out of anger (as of yet) but out of curiosity and wonder that  god desires and so creates what he wants to fill a requirement, but the real mystery here is the desire for this. Why does he deserve it? Why should he get what he wants when he should not want? Is his existence so pointless that the only way to relieve his sadness and frustration is to create something to lie to him and praise him for his simply being?                                                                                                       

     Humans have no such comfort, except from other humans, and this obviously doesn’t resolve the issue, because people are still searching for answers, because even we feel that the lie is feeble and transparent, which would only be a hundredfold more obvious to the “Creator” and “Alpha and the Omega”.  Truly, if god were all he was cracked up to be, we wouldn’t be here to argue the point, for his inward depth would suffice.  Maybe it would be prudent to ignore “perhaps” or “maybe” at this point.                                                                               *

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