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debate nasally rages on. Perhaps we weren’t persistent enough for the truth, so it still eludes us. But, it is true that quantum mechanics takes the crown for a technicality because there was no hardwiring that proved there was an explainable correlation. *

There is real uncertainty (no pun in ten did [make you laugh that is]) with the work of quantum mechanics, and this is the basis on which we trust the results: they’re random. But this has been discussed, and so there is really no reason to reiterate, the world is a boring and repetitive nonsense anyway. The real problem is that all conclusions drawn are quite conspicuous. Nonetheless, the results are astonishingly accurate, and do account for the present state of things. The cosmic microwave background, an ingrained backdrop of radiation etched into the night sky, depicts those energies first emitted in the transparent emerging universe, when the clouds of stellar gas dispersed themselves, is explained by the helter-skelter nature of this theory. At first it was very hard to define any difference, a very puzzling thing to imagine, being that the universe is the ridiculous size that is obviously is, nothing could have possibly reached equilibrium, there was no time to do so in the early universe. But then under considerable refinement small deviations appeared, and so they had a clue to work with.

It is a strong belief that there was a significant burst of growth (on the order of a google-10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) in an impressively short span of time. Even taking, say 35 zeroes, there is still something to gawk at; but there already were 35 zeroes in this scenario on the other side of the zero, in the one-thousand-billion-billionth of a second this occurred. The endless power of gravity was the force used in this expansion, the negative pressure caused by said gravity propelling the reaction. Gravity is a basically infinite source of power, so this extremely unlikely scenario is really not as impossible as you would think. Furthermore, this whole process can occur an endless amount of times, causing space to swell and expand distances in a very odd way, like drawing squiggles on a deflated mural composed of several deflated balloons; by inflating any random few, these squiggles will be large and thin is places then small and thick in the deflated portions. The cosmic microwave radiation is a distinct background that roughly

draws out the galactic super-cluster ribbons (it’s a very impressive beauty), as illustrated in the simile. The hotter, the denser, and so there were significant wrinkles in this deflated cosmos, until the inflation, at which point the wrinkles became much less prominent and more shallow, see again the basic metaphor. All of the

matter then produced as the gravity relinquished its energy filled in these grooves, and clumped together to make things (stars, planets, ect.). These grooves deepened, and became set into stone. The background is basically where the galaxy clusters are to the present day, or the remnants of these systems at least (it will take time for their present to catch up to us in the future, and our present to reach them in their future). This is a very easy thing to understand, as it implies no evolution whatsoever, just that the laws of the universe behave themselves.

Many disagree on the timetable, but the same story is being told, and it is all very well agreed upon that this is the basic prehistory of our little universe. The fact that the background and the stars line up so well I think is evidence enough for the fallacy of the Bible. Why would god make a universe and yet give evidence that it happened of its own accord? If he wanted us to know, in a logically based way (the only way to truly prove himself in the minds of his creation), then he would have given things that are impossible, like the true uniformity of the cosmic background radiation, or the complete disjoint of species, or the unreliability of quantum mechanics and relativity. But no, the smoking gun has never left the barest trace of the Almighty’s fingerprints, the maze is a completely logical construct, the universe is an astoundingly rational and understandable puzzle. And, to top it off, religious wantonness could be based in genetics, the beginnings of which were started by a monk!

Life, isn’t it a comedy in which the audience can only weep, or a transcendent symbol of truth embodied in reality that is completely laughable, and indeed, absurd?


“For, after all, what is man in nature? A nothing in compassion with the infinite, an absolute in comparison with nothing, a central point between nothing and all. He is equally incapable of seeing the nothingness from which he came, and the infinite in which he is engulfed. What else will he perceive but some appearance in the middle of this, in an eternal despair of knowing neither their principle nor their purpose. All things emerge from nothing and are borne onwards to infinity. Who can follow this marvelous process?”-Blaise Pascal

Just to add a little backbone to my wisdom, i illustrated the fallacy of religion and science. The foolishness is made completely clear by an utter retardation of awareness in regards to IT ALL. The complete picture is one that is a blank canvas, neither white nor black, because all elements cancel each other out, leaving a masterpiece that lacks any semblance of value, and holds just a sampling of intrinsic truths. IT is infinite. IT is not alive. IT is the only united reality. IT has no finite parameters. By that i mean to impress that there is not a set number of dimensions, or forms of energy, or those ways alone to make a description of IT. All IT IS is endless detail, only things that matter basically to no real entities (us/ them/ our gods/ their gods/ any measurable energy/ any measurable distance/ any of the endless other concepts yet to be discovered in any finite way) unfurled and combined in an infinite arena, so IT cannot mean anything to us nonexistent beings. IT may not be happy, righteous, or even sane, but IT IS the one and only way of a unified reality.

The little pictures, the fundamental building blocks, are also real. They signify what would happen if you were to compare IT ALL to any one of the nonexistent finite beings that swarm inside IT ALL. They are the true Atoms; i capitalize Atoms for the specific reason that they are exactly that: “Uncuttable”. They are the only candidate for the building blocks of Information Itself, and fit the job perfectly. It would take an endless coagulation of them to create a single concept. But they can hold any finite amount of information (proportionately speaking, naturally) within them, because that cannot affect their Atomic value, but animates them with all the functionality of an actual particle. Just as you cannot divide Infinity by any finite number and get another finite number, you cannot multiply the value of an Atom by any finite number and get another. But, the truth is that there is no way to separate these finite values from the Atom, they are intrinsic and necessary for the proper function and indeed existence of the finite beings. And it is because of this fact that there are finite beings at all: the Infinitely interactive Atoms in every moment, spanned over an

Infinite space-time (for them, not us), amplifies finite value onto, only just so, the plane of reality which we all have been conceived. But, because of the truly Infinite span of IT ALL, these things do not and cannot exist in a real, meaningful, or tangible fashion, on the highest plane, which is completely uninhabitable, as previously mentioned. There are Infinite archetypes of atomic stature, and there are Infinite of each of them; their reaction as a massive, albeit finite induced whole, produces the complex finite reality we see. This all happens in an instant because, as i made quite clear, all concepts of distance and texture disintegrate at that fundamental level of existence.

Now, there is a tie between science and this: many leading theorists are under the ideal that there are little beasts called zerobranes particle like constituents that are the ends of strings which resonate in a musical like fashion to produce all matter, and thus their truly musical large counterparts. But, these so-called zero-branes have no size, and thus are flatly the wrong size for my purposes, but by changing the fundamental limit for existence from zero to the-most-almost zero, we no longer have this nonsensical answer, and we can draw a few logical conclusions, which have been outlined above. Also, the most satisfying conclusion that parallels my own understanding is that all other concepts are secondary and are the products of all these pieces. However, they feel that without strings, there is no chance of unity between Relativity and quantum mechanics. The most truly odd thing is that the first discovered fundamental force is the most problematic: gravity. It frenzies and roils insanely at a certain point, at a certain size of which there are no further denominations of increment, or so they wish to believe. This is the Planch scale: a very special point where black holes can be measured in discreet pieces (so what, you say, but this is an important detail for understanding these very mysterious phenomenon [i hate that word], and again, gravity is the most difficult force to understand) and these “superstrings” can be seen. Indeed, this is a strange thing-which all of spacetime is finite pieces, not as i put it, but, there is a loophole (i love those, though!); one formulation of quantum mechanics is the Many Worlds Interpretation of Cosmology in tandem with the element of chance, which fulfills every possible occurrence, a very, very completely overarching theory.

This theory actually takes things to a different ideal: that each universe could in fact be different. We all know this, i’ve said it before, but this allows any number to be the Planch scale, any strength to be expressed in the fundamental forces, and any number of forces. There could even be more than mere dimension and energy present in these universes, leaving open entirely the question of heaven or hell, spirits, and other things beyond even the hallucinations induced by drugs or imagination (or both). Thus we need a new idea that incorporates any number, any thing as part of the whole Multiverse, which is truthfully, The Universe.

Everyone feels that there are three general numbers: Infinity, one, and zero. But zero is stupid, it can’t be the baseline of everything, Everything would be based off of nothing at all, even Infinity, so i believe that like time and dimension, positive and negative, that there is Infinity on both ends, only in a reciprocated form on the smaller of these two ends, beyond which is zero, which doesn’t exist anyway. That is the simplest way to solve the dilemma. But, let it be known that there is no Infinite number, for that is one Infinity multiplied by some form of finite number, and there is no comparison with the two and no compatibility. But i repeat myself, one is a finite number, and thus represents all finite numbers. But how is it then that there is only one Universe, if it is truly Infinite? There is no way to answer that question, except that it refers to a mental construct, classification, not true amount or depth, but that is a dead end, because our minds are material, are enmeshed in the Infinitude, and we have expressed ourselves using this word aptly before, even though it is bandied about so worthlessly (like love, life, truth, ect.) in this era. Maybe that is it; that we use something that is bigger than ourselves to try and make our ego worth something,

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