CI 06

do is to produce a large amount of black holes in every universe, and so end their being. If you make enough holes even in a mountain, it will lose all the structure it had and will crumble. If one was skillful enough at creating wormholes (which are hopefully non-lethal means of traveling in space) then they could merge every star with every other, and erase all life in the visible universe, or they could merge all the ends of the universe together and then do this, which would surely destroy it, it would rip the fabric of spacetime along every stitch. The real question is not whether this will destroy us, but rather if this will impact the backdrop in which all of the universes hang. Perhaps, perhaps, but the switch from a finite number of spacetime dimensions to an infinite number of dimensions is the true problem.

Time ends inside a black hole, a fact which is quite certain, or at least, if it really is a portal, all the time experienced will only be a moment (which is the key unit of time), in which it could forge a link with another universe, where it would slowly process matter and energy into the other universe. But what of the rest of the multiverse, which now devoid of universes, becomes one infinite universe, with an infinite number of dimensions. But with an infinite number of dimensions, will anything happen; could life coagulate from the stray material left behind from all the universes? All the material needed wouldn’t be able to affect one another, but if there is an infinite amount of matter and energy, then it is a possibility. But black holes do affect the fabric of spacetime greatly, and then we must wonder what would happen when all of the black holes are present in the otherwise empty universe, and if these black holes are still connected, that should destroy it all. All of the black holes would be infinite in size, and swallow the entire multiverse. If people wanted to really be sure that they wouldn’t have to endure hopelessness and futility, this is merely what they would have to do.

But what happens to consciousness after it has been destroyed, how could the multiverse possibly finish this, how could it end? It couldn’t possibly end, could it? If it were to truly end, could it begin again? In all likelihood, this is not going to happen, nor is it possible, for, as previously stated, black holes do evaporate, and it could only be a matter of time before they do, which, the raw elements, could restart the whole problem all over again. It seems quite impossible for any amount of finite energy to be crushed into a piece of space (sans time, for it is in a black hole remember) reciprocally valued; how do you put something infinite within a finite being? This is even more absurd because we are describing the all engulfing black hole, which would swallow infinity, all within one space of an infinite number of pieces, all of which are needed to make a finite speck within the multiverse! It is true that as more and more matter is poured into a black hole, it becomes larger (at least, the event horizon-point of no return- increases in size) so that a finite amount is at least conveyed in finite terms; but when there is an infinite amount of stuff, it engulfs all of space to create an event horizon, and is then pulled into the singularity, a point of super-mysterious and highly important content.

Aha! I tricked you, I confused you all, and now you cannot see what a stupid series of incongruent sentences and forgotten facts have been present this entire time! It is very tedious to be more knowledgeable than most people, you have to correct yourself. Yet, I shan’t let this go on. First of all, infinite (or finite) when spread out in an infinite number of directions, is not infinite, it is finite; second, there are more fundamental (so-called) forces than gravity, so many universes would have to figure out a different way of destroying their existence, because there may be quite too many inconveniences using gravity, they may have to use quinionequity, or purple, to destroy it. While these are very strange notions, they can be realized, just as purple can be realized as a fundamental force in some universes, and quinionequity can be realized as an entirely new concept. The weak and strong forces, as it should be made clear by their unimaginative nomenclature (ha ha ha), were entirely new concepts when they were first discovered and not-so-aptly named, so it really would be no surprise to me to find entirely new ideas beyond the horizons. This alone would make it very hard to imagine the multiverse self-destructing in the manner previously envisioned, because there would be so much red tape to work through. Thus, the question of true free will, which would lead inexorably to the abolishment of pain and illusion (and thus, all of existence) will not ever be truly answered, although I think that if it were true, we wouldn’t exist, visa vie, creativity and determination. But there really is no way to truly and honestly say either way, for the multiverse is too vast and human imagination too complex to lead us to any answer. But if we did have free will, wouldn’t we all be happier, we would want to make each other happy, we would have utter control over what we want. That is something no one in all of reality has.

Even when we say that there is a personal designer (us) for each and every one of us, respectively, then they are the one’s who cannot control their wants. They themselves also have personal designers (guess who) and so the question is never addressed, no one actually has free will, for our wants and needs, which are infinite in depth, control the very root of our actions. This is not Freudian psychology; this is Choice Theory, which states exactly the same thing. There are many books on the subject, please feel free to try and understand that I’m right. But whatever you feel, that is your business, and is also the supplement to your actions and causes. Feelings drive us, we don’t drive them, just as logic controls all things, and no thing, not even nothing, can control it. Especially nothing, there are no consequences or any thing at all to it, it has no portents; it is really one of the most impossible things to understand, because there is absolutely nothing to connect it with (duh!).

Another way of saying that there is no choice is to understand that if you move in space, you move in time. This is a fundamental piece of info that has been understood for years and was developed by one of the greatest geniuses ever to be born. This, given speed at great values, or distance in large values, is what will propel you into either someone’s future or someone’s past, thus making the thought of someone choosing something meaningless. After all, moments do not change; they are exactly as they always are. This is illustrated by the fact that there is no inconsistency in history, only error in the memory of humans. In more reasonable setting (this universe) there is already a fundamental lack of choice, it is all in the program: all of the numbers in the universe that are meaningful (that repeat constantly and thus give rise to pattern) have been examined and the brain that runs the illusion (most think that this is a local god). Now sufficient evidence has been acquired to give no room for reason to doubt. Whether or not Reason itself doubts or reasons is a separate and very distinct argument.

The very minute differences in someone saying something and you hearing it, or seeing a firework explode and then hear it, are examples of how this works. But, if you were blind and went to a fireworks show (why, I can’t imagine), then you would be able to only hear the events, not witness then, and only after the fact would the information reach you. Cosmology is exactly the same way, except that in all these instances the roles of sound and sight are interchanged, because sound doesn’t permeate space, but both travel at fixed speeds. Light is faster, and is in fact the fastest (and therefore the most efficient) way of communication. Because it is the fastest thing, that doesn’t mean that we can’t make it seem faster. If we travel toward the light source, then it will reach us sooner, not because light is going faster now than it was, but because the distances are shorter than they were momentarily ago. You would think that you could in fact, catch up to light, thinking that if you can make it come to you faster than it would, then you could slow it down too, but it will always elude you, because it will always be faster than you. Even if you were to think in terms of distance, it would always be the rate of distance per second faster than you as if you were standing still, but does that mean that you will be pushing it toward its destination faster?

Applied between cars, one driving 60 miles per hour, another 30. If the trip takes him one hour, it will take you two, even though you did the same thing. With light, at the same proportion, it would have been to where you wanted to go much sooner than even one hour. Assuming light took one hour to reach Pluto if you stood by and waited for the reflection so you could watch from you small outpost (meaning tent) on the beautiful Europa, but feeling that this is too long to wait for two hours, you will shorten your time by one hour, and move closer, out about halfway in between the two points. You are essentially chasing the light, because as soon as you get moving (about half the speed of light) it passes you, even though you got half a light minute head start. It was if you hadn’t moved from Europa’s surface because it passed you at the same time it would have had you been there. Frustratingly perplexed, you continue your trek anyway (oooh, that was a bad pun). Yet this was not the only problem; before you even became close to the midway point, the light passed you again. The reason was that the light was always becoming proportionately farther from your position. It is behaving in the same principle as when you were traveling toward it, on your way for quality supplies on Mars. In both instances, it was traveling faster to where you were going because of your perspective. But, in all instances, regardless of speed, people see you in varying degrees of slowness, and the same is true for their apparent movements, regardless of how fast, which only makes the time difference more apparent for the subject, and doesn’t actually slow its progress in space.

Whether this actually makes anything easier all depends on your ambition to put up a sound argument for the existence of freedom, love, and life-I hope that you care about those things, and about the truthfulness of your beliefs, but if you don’t, then just stop reading, and walk away! I’m not being funny or cute; if you honestly don’t care, and/or are incapable of thinking for yourself about these things and still maintain that you are right, then I do think that you are doing nothing to repay the cosmic forces that created you!!

But who am I really to make such demands? Perhaps just an egotistical human being, like all of us, but notwithstanding those observations, everything is simply one way to do something other than what someone else will have done: nothing better, nothing worse. We simply look in terms of satisfaction of our goals, all of which are short term goals; the betterment of the dying human civilization, the feeding the carnal or spiritual urges or your person who will pass from all memory, or to scar our earth, solar system, galaxy, and /or universe (at which point possibilities sharply decline, for the infinitude beyond that mutes utterly any voice said in any way to anything else- much the same way of viewing the rift between life and death, although hopefully not in such a melodramatic way) either in an aesthetically excepted way (by harmonizing human benefits/ requirements with that of nature’s) or not (wars, destruction, global depletion). But, because death and the universe are finite parameters (which we have yet to fully realize or exploit, and yet have fulfilled ourselves quite nicely within them otherwise) and reality is infinite any way that you wish to look at it, our abilities are nullified. The true benefit of this is that while there is no meaning, we can still feel free to express ourselves in any way we choose; there will always be room to do just that. The one hitch is that there is no free will, a subject that will be continued in its examination.

Now, all of that really points to one thing: humans are incapable of controlling themselves. This is the central theme in biblical scripture: that humans are utterly incapable of not sinning. This is, however, a very obvious problem with the world and by no means is in actuality biblical; it’s a fact. But this also ties in with science, which has always held a barrier through which superstition has been barred access. This realm I do honestly believe is the closest place to the truth. However, like most separate facets of sacred concepts the truth is completely honest about itself in the fact that it is utterly insignificant, and rivals boredom as a highly destructive force, but without all the pleasantries of change and action; it is a very caustic idea with very little potential energy or functionality, while boredom spurs action in one direction ore another. There is one character with whom this is perfectly illustrated: Marvin the Paranoid Android, and if you have read the shockingly realistic novels (in terms of scientific ideals) you will be quick to point out that the truth is a very, very good thing, a revered and sacred doctrine by which…… I do not agree in the slightest with others on this very significant point, because I have spent far more time than necessary trying to understand the truth of the oh-so-drawl reality which encompasses our entities.

A very recurring theme is the constancy of certain things, the speed of light, god, the original sin, whatever. In our time consistency is not looked forward to, it is looked back upon, but so is the diminishing understanding of reality in western civilization (I’m being completely serious here), and we are drifting toward the notions of quantum mechanics, of spontaneous and incredible changes that happen through the course of time. We are used to thinking that things don’t exist unless we stare directly at them, except in the case of the moon, nonetheless visa vie god. Yea, we art indeed in an apostolic age. An age which defies all knowledge of itself, such is the essence of what they hold most dear, even in the western religions which hypocritically are being deified and denied at the same moment. No, we here in the west are finding ourselves now being drawn again to the Far East. These places, India, china, Japan all have a sense of cycles, a deep innate feel for the longevity and repetition of all things. Even in small ways, like anime or manga, Japanese equivalents to cartoons or comic books (although truthfully intellectually outclassing our renditions), we are becoming closer to their mind state; in a large way, the deeper understanding of the cosmos and its process.

We are all too familiar with the yin/yang symbol, as attested to by the lack of irritating squiggles that highlight spelling and grammar errors as it was written, but the truth is that it dearly means something. It highlights a very odd and overlooked portion of quantum mechanics, that which allows such interesting things as this plasma screen computer, and holograms. Wholeness is that one thing, and ultimately allows all things (even different religions) to all be separate trees and roots of thought, while being supported and firmly establishing the over-[under]-arching reality. Holograms express this metaphor with a couple of fascinating phenomena (say, “bleagh!” with me on that one). Expressly the inability for the information to be photographed in any pattern other than rings within other rings, already a sign that the subject is a very distinct class of information, and its ability to be cut into innumerable pieces (without disrupting the chemical makeup obviously) and all will retain the same exact picture. If you cut the top of a picturesque sunrise off, you lose it forever, but with holograms, cutting it north, east, west, south, or otherwise, will only produce new and smaller pictures when refitted with the double beam necessary to actually view this hologram. How this is communicated is a complete and utter mystery, but this isn’t the only way this occurs. When you do an oddly specific energizing type of action toward an oddly specific atom, two electrons escape and spin opposite each other, in opposite directions. None of that would matter to any of you laypeople unless you understood that quantum mechanics is the understanding of things on a probabilistic level, in that sense, but it has been found that exactly 50 percent of the time the spin is opposite on these particles. To just make a long story a little less tedious, the percents needed to either prove or disprove the correlation that shouldn’t exist was 49% to prove that there is no connection, and 51% to prove that there was, beyond any reasonable doubt. The percent landed squarely in the middle of these, and so the

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