CI 05

I have made a colossal breakthrough in my understanding! It will take a few pages of refinement before I can completely fit it with previous writings (I may be able to decide what my beliefs are), so feel free to re-read previous material. Don’t hold it against me for having self-doubt and having a great deal of contradiction, there will be a much needed falloff of that later; besides, these are queries that have puzzled thinkers for all of history, and even making it this far in my understanding is spectacular.

I feel that it may be a great deal of help to believe in reincarnation, for the simple observations that everything is both very similar and yet completely different in the next moment, and you can say that your identity is being reinvented every next second while still retaining all of the history that it held previously. To make it simple, I will state emphatically that all of reality can be experienced by one finite being, being reincarnated and becoming a new person every new moment, at the same time as an infinite number of universes are being born and an infinite number are collapsing into nothingness. After all, every thing in the multiverse is a finite number, unless you want to include the endless other finite numbers, but that is utterly missing the point. As previously stated, any finite number is the same size, except that it is infinite to the constituent parts and infinitely small when contrasted with the whole multiverse. But, I’m sure you ask, that would be impossible for one being to be everywhere, every when, correct? Normally, yes, but, it is very important to note that not all universes can possibly go only “forward” in time, there must be some that do not do this. The reasoning behind this is very straightforward.

The main reason for this is because if all universes acted in the same direction in the one time dimension we have (this is simplifying the matter greatly, because there is most likely and endless amount of different dimensions, as you recall reading), all of the universes would be cyclic, because that is what happens from time to time, universes become cycles, as there is the distinct possibility of that happening, and thus happens. But if this happens an infinite number of times every moment, and we already know that there are an infinite number of moments in a single second, then all of reality would be immersed in these cycles of finite repetition time, and thus all of reality would merely repeat itself again and again. Now, a moment is not of finite duration, being only a unit of reciprocating value (of infinity, naturally), so, if you want to believe that the multiverse isn’t doomed to only exhibit a pathetically small amount of what could be, and then you must believe in universes that go against the flow of time, and thus begin in a reality dominated by cycles, but end in the multiverse when there is not an all encompassing circle of life. This means that at any given moment, there are an infinite amount of realities, but they only can be non-cyclic ultimately (obviously excluding the day/ night cycle or others, but these are only cyclic for a finite period of time, because at some point one or all of the elements necessary for this process will be removed; like the destruction of the earth or the death of the sun), because the universes will undermine each other’s histories, they will create conditions that will cause each other to not exist, which is a logical impossibility, obviously, and the multiverse operates under logical pretenses, even though that seems to be impossible. I said it had some bugs to work out.

How does this relate to what I declared before (not that this really interests you, or anything), well, if we are all one finite being, then he would have to be everywhere. But, if I (or he, or you, or us, or them) were to have one life in a “forward” time universe and the next in a “backward” universe, then I could spend the next life as my own friend, or parent, or wife, ect. I might not even know myself at all or have any relation at all. The next consideration is why we have no memories of past lives, but that is not always 100% the case. I myself know myself, and she said that she saw some wall in Scotland (it apparently had some significance) and she knew what is was, even though she had no past experience with it, but that’s just one particular scenario, and can be contributed to several things other than past-life experience. However, there are several of these situations daily; ever heard of de-ja -vu?

But what of all the other information that exists, all of the information embedded within space- time, within these keys I’m typing on, within your eyes which allow you to perceive this writing. However, as in the Matrix (that movie gets picked on a lot, doesn’t it?) all of reality could be what we imagine it to be, only something which is a mental construct. The movie itself was a mental construct, but with man’s unique ability to fashion art out of raw stone, used materials and effort to make the movie into a physical entity, which the movie viewers re- instated into its original form, as the mental construct. But each step of the process is discovered and experienced in the mind, while there is never going to be proof that there was anything tangible there in the first place. I find that there is a great deal of mystery behind the concept of information, for the plain and simple reason that information is identified and processed by other information, which is perfectly logical, given the explanation I gave. And because of the proportion issue, there is always a proportionately finite being watching and seeing things happen on our scale of existence. But space and time don’t move, a moment in the 1600’s is always as it shall have been, the same is true for the future, but then what changes, and how does it change, to accommodate my philosophy? Especially when the same moment is being re-experienced infinitely by supposedly the same person, it doesn’t change, every finite singular being is doing exactly as he should at that moment. So there is no change, everything is going to happen exactly as it would go if we were knowledgeable of all the particles in the universe and their subsequent movements; we would see the future, because the universe is operating under laws. But these laws are subject to change, it would seem, so that is the end of that facet of the argument. Good thing too, I was writing myself into a corner, as it were. But still, moments cannot change, for if they did, we would have no history, we would not be able to trust our memories or sensations or anything. Perhaps we can’t, that is a possibility, but at least an infinite amount of me can do just that, and I only assume that that would be me, right here, right now.

But if there are existences at right angles to our time dimension, then they could affect us, and change us utterly, without us ever being conscious of them, or our change, because it would happen instantaneously, whenever, thus where ever, they chose. This time it is an instantaneous change, because their time dimension is the width of one moment in our time, in which their entire history is played out. In that single moment, they can change any facet of history they dislike, for their history and timeline isn’t just restricted to one moment in time, for them our universe is a giant construction set; they build one of our moments entirely, then the next, then the next, and so on. That may seem far-fetched, but really, the past is exactly what it is because of the chemical structure of the human mind, its ability to retain memory, which, if altered properly, will yield no inconsistency, “history is a pack of lies agreed upon”(Napoleon said that, for different reasons, I assure you, but nonetheless he was right). If there really is just one being, he will have arranged his own life to be exactly as he perceived it, and the lives of everyone else. It is very important to understand that there is not a single place in time on which there is an axis for this movement, just like space: there isn’t one place in the universe to go to so that you can go to the left or the right, up or down, every place in space has the ability to do this, and thus our little green men in question can move any when (and thus any where) they wish. Yes, that idea just came to me again as of this writing, thankfully; with it being incorporated, I am thus absolved of my dilemma. It would work exactly like a shirt, every stitch being crosshatched in time (in the same space) and held together mutually.

But, perhaps like fabric, this can be torn (by what, I cannot even imagine) and the strands will disintegrate at this place, until new futures and pasts and presents are made at that location in spacetime. Of course, I am using a two dimensional analogy, while space has, it is thought, 10 dimensions. This utterly changes the theory, because everyone knows that the leap from 2D to 3D is enormous, you add an infinite number of parallel planes in two more directions (in depth, obviously). Besides, I always would prefer it to have infinite dimensions, so this works out perfectly. You live life, then after all that boring mess is over, you live your next in a reality that is either parallel or perpendicular to your previous timeline (or yours, but you would have to at least travel through another dimension to get there). Or, if it really sucked, then you may just shoot off from that point and go to a timeline that won’t be related to it for a great distance. Geometrically, a point is really the center of a bunch of omitted lines that converge (I forget the term used {psst! It’s concurrent-whispers strange boy from future}), in fact an infinite mess of lines, just pick a direction and go. But if they say that your sins haven’t been paid for, then you will surely have to go along with them (not really, I just assume god has enough cash to hire big muscle, and there is not really any haggling opportunity with that sort).

I may indeed just be way out in left field on this one, but that is a real place, and I feel very justified in thinking that this is true at least some of the time, outside our universe, in between all the other bubbles, and this preserves the idea just fine. The one thing to make amends with is that the other beings on the right angle timeline to ours have complete control of them, yet we have no clue that points to their actual existence, and spacetime would have a radically different conception that it does. I suppose that if their civilization advanced before ours, and they beat us to the technological threshold, then they could have utterly eradicated our memories and removed us from our true history, like (yet again) in the Matrix. With that done, they perfected their technique on us or another alien civilization and perpetuate their reign of illusion. Hey, you know what, it has to happen somewhere, and our Torpid (another revision from the illusionary future) reality is the best place to start making crazy and outlandish declarations, we need a superbly un-tedious new worldview, we need to break free of at the very least, the chains of monotony.


People have been plagued with situations and conditions beyond their control for as long as there have been humans. Sometimes these occurrences are highly beneficial, or somewhat pleasurable. Being born into a rich family, or developing tool using skills at the right point in time, both of these things are largely the product of luck, or of fate, but to me, to state something like that is a distinction without a difference. After all, looking from the esteemed and highly regarded viewpoint of science, every condition is an effect of perfectly natural and wholly predictable phenomenon-to a very high degree, that is really what quantum mechanics is, the probability of such and such a scenario being witnessed. Even from my esoteric frame of mind, there is no concept of free will, because if there were, then the very existence of the multiverse would disintegrate, if everyone really had free will, then we would have both the focus and the knowledge to end our truthfully (and collectively) pitiable existence, throughout the entire multiverse. All we would have to

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