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At times I feel that there could be as of yet, more to the story than I anticipate, like now, as of this writing. But it is very hard to imagine anything more sound than scientific research, the fact that people have recognized and numerated the patterns ingrained in the very nature of reality. This makes very little sense, because to say that there is a pattern of fundamental square units of …say space, it feels very restrictive on the nature of things to be totally and forever that one particular way. It could in fact be units of triangular space, or hexagonal space, or alternating octagons and squares, as seen occasionally in tile floors, which seems also possible. Limiting fundamentality to scenes of super symmetric mathematical basis, I feel that cold steel embrace of well, lets call it fascism, for the sake of argument. This is not a fault on the part of those who search for truth and reason in this reality, who want there to be sense and function behind all things, but really the nature of existence, or god.

What god? And existence, which has no will or power over itself? No, but what if one considers chance, considers the uncertainty principle, and ponders over it, at which point does it become clear that these things are merely random? After all, every facet of life is expressed in physical codes, this written paper, your disbelieving thoughts, and your speech. Biology is the study of codes, chemical computorial processes, the most obvious being DNA, and all of the development of other chemical robots (enzymes) that process other, nonliving chemicals, such as calcium, water, and (just for the cheap laugh) poop. Every step, some information is taken and received by chemicals, and the really off the wall understanding is that chemicals, your desk, your brain, and your chair all harbor information.

This is the core argument for the existence of god: intelligent design; in all chemicals, something which is both lacking a brain yet works so efficiently and naturally with its neighbors to create the miracle of life, and for us, higher thinking skills (okay, some of us). This is a fundamental thing, that chemicals will do exactly the same thing every single time they interact (oil and water don’t mix, and putting oxygen and hydrogen together makes water). But, exactly what is the basis of this information, the fundamental pieces of it? None is my guess, because there is no basis for any of the letters, words, definitions, or pronunciations of the words used in this paper, unless you say there was a chemical basis for the English language engrained in us, and in all the other tongues and texts ever conceived. And even considering this approach, there is still no real reason behind the information implied in every pixel, or quark, or photon in the universe, unless you say it was god’s words that made it so. “Let there be light” could just as well been Lkytituf ndgdy jfuL, and made perfect sense, our mental conception would merely have to be altered.



I’m sure you couldn’t read that which was written in the blank space, but there is no evidence, that isn’t circumstantial, to the fact that I didn’t write something there. Everything you say and think in retort to this “nonsense” as they call it in the human mind is based upon nothing, because there is nothing but what is, every so called meaning behind expression, in any sense, is blotted out by this truth. This is why it is my very thoughtful belief that there is no god, and no free will, because logic compels me to embrace that everything is encapsulated in every unit of anything, be it this sentence, word, photon, or mental construct. Like an infinite onion, being placed in one of the layers means being immersed in infinitude at the same time as being on the highest plane of reality, having infinity beneath you, both of which are the same item.

However, inside the endless reality (which must be truly endless, as a pure implication of logic) with you is every possible conception, real or impossible, of reality: this is known as the Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum mechanics, recall the uncertainty principle. Now, this merely states that there are an infinite number of universes in a larger framework of the aptly named the Multiverse. Don’t sweat the details; it is simply a way of incorporating any scenario into reality, like a universe with an endless amount of fundamental particles, because an infinite number of wormholes going to other universes exist there, or a universe with an endless number of dimensions. Maybe some universes lack the concept of time, or others have new concepts that are alien to ours.

But this seems rather far-fetched, especially from the tomes of science and philosophy, but if one simply remembers that something can be interpreted as anything else, being that there is at least some truth in any fantasy, then it all fits perfectly. Like, “the color of nonexistence is black.” may be contradictory, but only if one can’t see every color as belonging to some item. In fact, we have no proof that there are only three core colors: yellow, blue, red, but rather, that is all we have come to perceive. And as you all very much remember my essay on Unfiltered Perception, this is exactly what I was talking about, that there is an infinite number of simply ideas we haven’t come across, not to mention that every thing is infinitely multifaceted and connected to everything else. This is why I think it is so impossible that all of the same thing can make something different, because it is at least partially different by necessity.

Simply something being at one place in spacetime sets it apart from itself in the next moment, because it is fundamentally changed, regardless of the truth that moments do not change. So, someone is someone different each time they blink, after every breath, because you find yourself engaging in a new concept, even though you think it engages you. After all, every concept is simply a structure of baseless ideas that have at best, an amorphous structure of yet more ideas based of nothing more than random ideas, this is what has been constantly referred to as a code; shown to be given meanings which can be completely opposite. But many people think that people change from one point to another, so this idea isn’t really a shock. But this change is instantaneous, as it has to be, otherwise time would never move (which I suppose happens from time to time). After all, an eternity lies within every hour, minute, second, and year, because a “moment” is simply the smallest part of time.

Although perhaps instantly is too much of an impossibility, so lets say the reciprocal of infinity, which when multiplied by infinity, you get one. This is the fundamental building block, the piece of unbreakable size, which is the same: 100% of information, such as: space, time, matter, consciousness, and even perhaps the elusive and touchy concept of soul. But, even though it is unintelligible, for the same reason it has to be 100% of anything, it can be 100% of several things, because if you add the reciprocal to itself, or multiply it by any number other than infinity, you get the same number, and the same idea applies to dividing infinity, exactly the opposite process. This is very hard to understand, that both of these things cannot be changed in any way, yet we can be. Especially when we are proportionate to infinity or the reciprocal if you consider our value from the other ends of the spectrum, respectively. I believe this all has your brain very warped by now, so I’ll digress for now and elaborate on the subject in future writings.                                                *

Truth, does it exist? Is it anything other than a word, more tangible and logically bound to reality? After all, we say that it is in a very profound manner, but to what end? As previously ascertained, everything is merely a sea of information, only ideas. I questioned the structure of thought, if it, like energy or mass, can be divided into smaller portions, until you reach a threshold, where a change must be made to continue. As in animals, you go directly to specialized pieces: bones, organs, and muscles; then these individual pieces are differently shaped and have slightly different composition, but are very similar. Cells are the smallest part of an organ or muscle, while bones only contain cells within them. Now it is simply chemical differences, and chemical differences are only different by bondage or atomic structure.

Now, as before, are ideas as individualistic as this, as a complete animal, or if not, where do they fit in? We divide language used to express ideas into categories, verbs, nouns, adjectives and adverbs, and not to mention all the punctuation marks. But to include ideas into this system is going to far, like saying anger is on the same level as a noun, or can be used as an adjective is lowering the status of this emotion. Even grammar, words, they fail after letters. The most puzzling thing is that this is all based in the physical universe, there is no mind, body and soul; there is only a body, only the parts and pieces. And yes, the parts of a mousetrap don’t, on there own, replace the actual article, but these things must be a part of the mousetrap, because they are necessary, and contain the fundamentals; like an atom is the most fundamental human being (realizing, of course, there are most definitely smaller increments). But this is barely the surface of the conundrum: how is it that there are complex beings when we are the same size as our constituent pieces? Or when we are infinite in exactly the same way?

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