CU 11 (part 1)

to be mortal, but we, mortals, are of it? Chaos would be nothing if not completely ambiguous, in all ways, in expanse, in scenery, in landmark, in our images. The mansion is only an expression of chaos’ unrelenting contradiction against itself. Or no, contrast, of order being a child of chaos, a statelier example of randomness never witnessed.

How bizarre, do you think it is, to say that something always was, but everything is, and anything can be, where nothing ever, in the course of that existence unending, changes. A contradiction, surely not, for order can birth just as well as chaos; these twins, mother and daughter, brother, sister, and cousin, all one lineage contorted beyond all reasoning that has existed, the shape of which was never too well defined by any one particular member to be of consequence to the politic measure. In short, things pass, they change, well duh.

Yes, yes, but, like i said, the mansion exists, and like the famous Winchester House, it continues revisions, walls up, rooms designed, then demolished to make way for different ideas, all the while, the house existed, except here there are literally trillions of rooms, billions of stairwells, one room for every prime number.

Not sure if this is true, but certainly there is an endless stream of them, finding the highest would be quite a task, because one would need a non-repeating series so long as to be the 3000’th prime number itself in digits. Half of all numbers cannot be, for they are divisible by two, every third by three, every forth by four, and the same is true for every number following in that pattern, and endlessly diminishing field of search, but, like the exponential graph, the number never touches the two invisible barriers, getting closer and closer into infinitude. Maybe you could say that god exists beyond this barrier, but his neither confirms nor denies his superiority, it is just a theological wild card, and it could be equally stated, that with infinite growth, exponentially, god is utterly useless. If one is familiar with Moore’s Law, and the obvious discrepancy between man and machine, then it is not so hard to imagine a reality of computer enhanced personality and power. Nanotechnology will change the entire world, eventually from the inside out of the human brain. I hold little faith that we’ll bump into god on either the way up or down in technology, or philosophy. But if we do, we can just add him in as an entry to our studies as well, he is a fascinating effulgent entity, but condensed into a perfectly useless form. Nonetheless humanities assertion of his physical, or at least tangible existence will be very paramount, equal perhaps to the Darwinian study of Galapagos. Maybe though it will more likely resemble a present phenomenon- the googolplex of possibility that is encapsulated in M-theory, a very controversial but productive area of theoretical physics; and while this is a great vantage to have, a breathtaking view of basic space and time, it is a deathly difficult area of mathematical abstraction.

This theory does represent a major paradigm shift in science, not discrete blocks, but notes upon stings upon the extremely tumultuous sea of space, which, it was hinted at, is also very musical. It really brings intelligence back to the center, to see it all engaging in a far more sophisticated, pretty little dance rather than billiard balls smacking into one another a trillion times over a second, everywhere. But, speaking of the forlorn god, Steven Hawking himself declared that we can “see into his mind.”

I just love the way it is, so random, and all this talk of a lack of inspiration was bunk to begin with: The game is my inspiration. 


Because it is so great, so derivative, i need to return to it: Diversity and Specificity. Get this: Diversity=Infinity +Specificity=Information. You see, these are the closest manifestations, directives, linked to the fundamentals. Not that infinity is fundamental, and information is largely inconsistent, but if it is understood that these two are constantly walking together so as to even be able to split off into highly separate fields, information is all the workings we can ever know and infinitely beyond. But only the informative concept of infinity carries this information into its infinitude: it is a highly prized thought, capable of diversification. Our entire existence is derived from physical, mental, and psychological specifications and the diversifications that these can take through time. Ironically enough, evolution rests primarily upon these two words, these two very simple words.

As a demonstration, i shall enumerate on the subtlety of code. Chaos: the forces working their will against all others, whether they know it or not. In a two fisted fury go specificity and diversity. The right and left, equal in all ways for now. The diversity of the palm makes different shaped shockwaves in a huge cement wall. Upwards is a strait trail, or as straight as an arc from any center is. The right (of both hands, so there is already a discrepancy) is a wave line, how bizarre to see in 2-D(not that the force is properly represented in this manner), and also another force to the left, circles emanating from the point in ever-increasing size (mathematically evidence of a jagged third dimension),  Oh well, i’m bored.

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