CU 10

facet in this utter quest for pointless disillusionment, merely a task within a game.

The other tasks are so many as to be absurd, as they are interwoven, layered strategically, and just firkin [no red squiggle] HUGE. The one of primary focus is the playing in general, a very controversial topic because as you know, there is no handbook. However, we can fail only by truly giving up on the project, the idea of size irrelevant, the mindset only a disadvantage. So many do this, but the size and complexity of true life are so enamoring together that we want to mimic that behavior, coupling, either with complex entities of information (philosophy, career aspirations, material gain) , or complex entities of information (people). Noting that relationships are a theme, the lack of interactive environments stifles the dynamic forces that spur change, the important feature of both chaos and order, which, for the above reason, we are attracted to either one or the other. It is important to retain, however, that dynamo and force are both far more at home in the realms of chaos. The reason being, quite simply, the lack of relationships, between ideas and forms, people and their consciousness’, the game and its contrived goals (some would deny the existence of such, but that is premature at best, ignorant at worst); order, on-the other handedness-of-beauty, is all about relationships, more than uncountable numbers of them, in a bizarre, yet legible fabric that the texture of is what we see and hear and do.

Yes, the universe is orderly, but pointedly so, at the expense of abstraction and power, as a horned shield in fact to prevent destruction of itself. But speaking of Order and Chaos as if they were warring nations could be misconstrued as sheer Pandemonium (a literature joke, i’m afraid), while in fact it is iconoclastic and archaic thinking set down in the myths andreligions of both yesterday and today, as well as tomorrow, for their principle intent is to understand, even just the discernment of a silhouette, perhaps even distorted to extremes of visible difference. i did say that reality was legible, but not necessarily translatable, even to human languages or math, but easily denoted as a script (again with the Rulebook). “All the world is a stage…” i need to stop with the literature, it is vague and…what am i thinking, this is all

vague and *sigh* uninteresting. No, not to smart, interesting people, like myself (most of the time {which one? i’m not giving any directions, that is just lying about my abilities to judge.}) which are, disparagingly few and far between.

How is it we can know this, through anyone, for knowledge is wealth as well, such stores of wealth should be hidden better. But why would i think that? The game! Oh yes this game of life, and yes, the afterlife as well, and what foolishness of me to believe that we alone are playing the game, for as games go, is it not just as well playing us? This simple task of behavior, this simple yet adorable (literally able to be adored) beast is our companion, but through what? Our selves, and through its self: for if This is but a game, all one mind and body and soul, then being part of it, as all are to a point, we are part of each other. But we knew this work, of marriage, children, of legacy, an advanced level of game play that all move through, or deny passage to for different worlds, planes, facets.

We know its cruel tricks, this game of unknown, perhaps forgotten rules: famine, war, hope, joy, and sorrow- in all honesty, humanity, at its extremes. We only play the levels

selected by other players at first, which, in the end, controls which areas we may access, excel at, and finally complete. We

encounter others in this place(s) – (to be more specific if you would rather) demigods, ants, sludge in whatever they may do, and, as relationships– symbiosis of ultimate intrigue and endless profit –{for it and of it} – {which are developing} whether positively or negatively, are changing. Perhaps that two underpins the game: constant, gradual, unpredictable change. *

What am i to do without any inspiration? I am just wasting time, oh, but isn’t anyone, with or without it? no matter what, is there a point, a central idea common to all? Pi, numerology, the basics of numbers which are utterly so fundamental? But it is interesting, that we see such mathematical constructs in the universe and all over, even if only the simple numbers that define amount. What isit that is so fundamental about it? It is pure information, i suspect, in a format remarkably unspoiled by our vantage point in reality. We, humanity that is, live in a dark closet, in a deep hole, sunken floors and floors below the mansion of beautiful, orderly

reality. But, despite this, there is a passage that allows us to travel directly to the observation deck on the perimeter of this majestic palace, from the scope of the view we can comprehend chaos, and due to our position in the catacombs of true grace, order. Don’t be fooled by the imagery of this analogy, for it is altogether possible that all thongs here, now, and forever in the past are but metaphorical iterations of a far grander cosmos. And even though we can see the shape of happiness, contentment, of warmth and class and power, because the curtains are drawn, we cannot see in all too well. The rest living in the innards of this mansion see all too well beauty and majesty, they languish in their collective ego of fine living.

Why are we peasants of this grand architecture? Well, to be quite fair, humans are so capable, but that is about all you can say for us. We are essentially unintelligent in the wide scheme of things, our base knowledge far too meager to be a part of the much more elaborate setting of spiritualism or hyper-existence (for there is an astonishing parallel between the two). Why then do we exist? For the same reason the mansion exists, because it always has, yes it is so true, for just as the chaos cannot be said

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