CU 09

there; babies don’t care about what it is they watch, but it has to change only so much. This is because we can process only so much information per second, duh. Our heads are only so big, only a certain number of connections possible between all those nuerons. It is also a point and fact that the brain loves conspiracies, to see the faces where there should be none, alas, without which artists would have had a hell of a time foraging for their food, and would have been weeded out, a historical oddity. not just faces, which have psychological, and biological, significance (the reason for the seeing of them in the first place), but any scene, image, or object. The significance formally being known as memory. mimicry or mirror nuerons are the actual in brain focal points of the stuff to be remembered, an image, or actions ( from thrusting to saying cunt . i just couldnt help myself), objects, or a concept.

from all these processes a consciousness ememrges, these chemicals actually infuse a person with a personality, ineffably. at least, this is the current view, for the future opens many doors by its sheer name, speaking of magic. Portholes to power never realized: the wheel, the wall, the home, the family, the city, the school, the legend, the arts, the sciences, the will, the freedom, the knowledge. these and oh how much more could there ever be: nuclear energy, extraterrestrial resources, quantum computing. fantasy, science fiction, and a rich history await our every thought, for the truest of thoughts make it to the outside world, become it, know it, control it, compete- in it, symbionize with this living, incomprehensible beauty. Reality is rich enough to deny god of his possible addatives, which may be summed in his stead as the collective communal subconscience. just look at the mormons, who give a good market to their professed happiness (but polygamy is very suspicious; monogamy

is hard enough); they have their faith together, but naturally, any idea that grows too large becomes opressive, a drawback to the group consciousness – a vital coupling noun so unused and largely unknown that it appears ludicrous – but the spiritual conglomerate’s fear factor is undeniably greater than or equal to the subtle but nuerosis- wellspring of symultanious individual\group communication.

go on, guess, i left plenty of clues. By messing with all the fonts and their cronology, usage, and fromat i can keep the boringness of monotony at bay. it truly is as i have said, “i am tapped out.” truth cannot be infinite, for it is infinity itself, just in infinite Play and Prose, Art and Science, its chief representatives to the mind of man.

Faith is a weak follower of these titans. And while it is far more ancient, indeed, even integral to Expression, Observation, Theater, and Rhyme, there

are elements of these which defy it so. Insomuch, doubt can lead to revelation oft athousandfold forwards pretend blindness of belief, the pit of insanity and slavery. not disobediance, a politic measure grander and simpler than one’s own thinkings, but at least spin, a techniquality of personal zeal and a nice way to add to subreal workings, the endless, infinite, beautiful Sea . Man can be tolerated for his opinions if they are of quiet voice and pure heart, but alas, who be the judge of purity if not the most foul inspecters, calling themselves rightous through their lips quickly purged of the drink and lingering malices.

like it? Keeping in mind the lack of spellcheck in this venture, you should be impressed with my efforts. If you don’t, i’ll just cry. Maybe. No, but drinking and slandering take the edge off, yes indeedy

[Hah aha hha haa aha, *cough cough, wheeeeeez*.] i told future Kid to stop smoking, he didn’t listen. ay, fate ‘tis a cruel mistress indeed, for chance is her friend, screwing her will get you in ways you could have seen coming. Or should; when chance finds you bedding her friend, her chief thought is revenge, not envy or jealosy, for after all, they have their own esteemed offices in mundane human affairs. everyone is guilty of this heinous act of incest, and your duel mothers will chastize you for eternity with the meer utterence of their true identity. It is so awful, i cannot even begin to have the foggiest about whom, or what, might appear behind the curtian of death, knowing full well the goddesses vandeta against me: Fate, Chance, and Yahweh. yes, a woman, not that sex has anything to do with it now that he demands ethereal status, but the mothering then quick judgements, mood swings, and playing favorites are all traits unbecoming of a father, but, giving certain measures, a mother is still roughly comprable and indeed, discovered widely as the primary caregiver in the animal kingdom, a passive sign of the structure of the supercosmos, metaphysically above our own. Or just another cruel trick.


Yo, the world..  that means you too, so listen up!  I have so little to say, we all lose stuff, am i right?  If this weren’t so, what would we need to look forward to, nothin’, that’s what..  look, don’t get all bent outta shape, the world sucks the giant balls of Brooklyn, you get me, so forget about it.   you see it all, it is there for you, but reach for it, otherwise it won’t be coming more or less your way. The world is a busy place, ya follow?

You either make it on your own, or someone you know does, there is hardly anybody i know who has no one to talk to to get rid of the bodies.  But maybe you aren’t the blood type, more the fancy pants renaissance men who thinks yus can talk outta anythin’, but trust me, there are a lotta stupid people who don’t listen to what you have to say that’s got plenty to say in your business, forgetin’ the respect of your business.   Some people just gets lucky, i’spose, and you may not be that guy.  Hey, don’t forget, the man telling you down to the life he thinks you be livin’, he is a nobody, forget about it; say the word and he goes on vacation startin’ next Tuesday.


Life loses you if you do not want to play its games, but you lose the game if you quit. Who ever wins in this exchange? Play to find out. We are all taking conditioning for this game, even as we are playing it. In fact, isn’t that the earliest form of conditioning in any game, after a brief explanation of the rules?

Yes, i know, life’s rules are unwritten almost all the time and are the subject of much supposition, but it is my personal stipulation that the rules state that the key format is to be

unwritten, in an unknown cont[ent/ext] to the Rule Book. Granted, because only snippets of the book are ever glimpsed, always suspect of fraud, and are overtly general, this only adds to the mystery. But the grand game of life is but one

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