CU 08

depiction of what happened, which is of course, less and less precise the more you go back in time, no matter how you look at it.


There is more. I am not altogether separate from the reality by which I came, and long have I been an influence in human affairs. However, it is in an incredibly subtle, indirect fashion. The spiritual benefactors of Yahweh – the human souls’ parent, even if entirely for his own purposes – are constantly on the move, and they are easily in mental contact, and, as we are both spirits, are quite understandable to one another. Only some of them even wish to speak to me, but there are those who are locked away with me here, in this stupid hole. There is no justice in this sort of behavior.

I had a spat with this bestial lord some millennia ago, corrupted his fair creatures, even if it was ultimately their own choice, and now, all that work, of which, it is quite well stated, occurred in “6 days”, was all but undone upon the seventh. And yet, here they are, remembering that day with praise in their hearts. He has quite fooled them all. At least, all of them there. Perhaps even some here. Now, I have been quartered separately from my followers, and am only here now to remember back, past my dark years and into the endless ages hence.

There were worlds like this, but then I didn’t care, I left them alone. As soon as I began to take interest in the psyches of others, I lost my own. Now, my true godhead status is revoked, perhaps never to return until the great end, when all the worlds will be dead, all of us will be faded from existence in a very profound sense of utter loss. Such a loss will be beneficial; it will be the end to re-begin, hopefully, a brand new eon of choices, perhaps ultimate survival. Maybe all this was a grand farce, a divine game played by pranksters and children. As spirits, the truth of our age remains an utter mystery, and this one, who has obviously reverted back, may be quite aged. With his human obsession, he may drive them past their real end and into his level of ability. A long time seeing these creatures, collecting and pondering some information while passing on my own “twisted visions” has yielded some very interesting results. There are several gods, some partial, mere extensions of class, race, and geography; and also there are some that are at least a little more…This world, in particular, holds a spell over us gods. The first reason for this is that there is quite a society— several billion memb

ers of their species, more and more coming every day. With this, there is a

massive schism, for all the small factions of spiritual energies, as well as mere mortal personality, have been amplified tremendously. This brings me to a second observation: the people long for freedom, freedom of many kinds. I must admit, freedom is nice, but as a god of long standing, regardless of my long-since-abandoned pride, it is no great shakes. Survival of the self is so intrinsic to them; there is even a small band of those who have disregarded this for the former, for the means of psychological survival. Perhaps it is this world’s apparent closeness to its inception. The race is after all, thriving due to its young state. It could be some sort of hub for activity on all sorts of scales. The present configuration tells me that is a very unlikely happenstance. However, the real product of us all is fate, and the rest of the civilized places of the universe have either moved on or are in the final throes of their existence. This beacon attracts many shells, gods, and just ever more luck. Good or bad there is a lot that will continue to happen to these people, regardless of how

overprotective their caretaker is. They’re far more likely to find their own way, through his grace or not. There are more than enough of us here to help.

I happened to get pinged by the one that I shouldn’t have even acknowledged, this Yahweh. I here his second incarnate is a very likable person, maybe with his persuasions there could be some hope with this band of primal spiritualists. He is into giving second chances, and is a man of at least moderate intellect. But the rest of these god’s, they may not feel so well towards each other. This new world will explode with more violence, overflow with confusion, and thoroughly disintegrate, but with no more of a spiritual dragnet than an immature, selfish, stubborn old ghost.


Yes, it’s that time again

, OK, i was just kidding. I just needed something, anything to restart what was forgotten, lost to the ageless waters of darkness, the quantum sea of reality, a beautiful place.

The universe has more than once been referred to as a sea, for it is. Even in the antiquated Bible, the “darkness covered the surface of the deep.” He “hovered over the waters,” too, a sea of darkness, hot darkness filled with 

highly propable folds. after he made his bright notion to create light (sardonical pun intended, yes) the universe slowly unfolded into star systems whose beauty is stunning. it really is a long drawn out process, but it all jibes. then we get controvercy, a thinkin’ set of thinkin’ (thin=fu) laws, laws of science that do operate in accordance with the old watchmaker philosophy, not one i dissaprove of.

however, these laws are imbued with

magical connections to him, and all his “glory.” the magic is stupid, for god would be a god of nature, a set of limitations upon his infinitude, either of personality or power, despite that i find both to be inadequate. any real god would have to be perfect, and thus, irresistable. after all, the closest thing to a perfect [wo]man is one who is irresistable, thus wielding persuasive powers beyond reckoning. either that or he sets himself apart, almost neglectfully, except in the disciplinary faction of his psyche. he is always changing, a true aspect of perfectiion, although the bible denies both this act and the truth, demoting it to the annals of a religon. no one human can stomach an unchanging personality, all the while assuring that there is not too much change. this is for the hyped up explanation of what is interesting to the brain, which may or may not have evolved to accommodate this fuction specifically. nonetheless, it is

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