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what if this was reality? How can we ever know for sure, of anything, let alone everything?! We cannot, unless we suddenly develop the omnipotence of godlike beings within the future that would allow us to survive. That future may not even be our own, or there is no such existence. To say there is something beyond understanding is, to a positivist, equal to the belief that there is nothing else; how can one really identify the difference based on something that is just as uncertain within the bounds of present understanding and scientific opinion?

Unfortunately, that is all it is -a cosmic opinion that the universe should have come to be what it has come to be. This somewhat pseudoscientific principal, known as the Anthropic principal, states that we exists as a subset of true reality, which, as it would appear, is largely uninhabitable. Maybe not to god’s, unless they require subconscious attention and nourishment of child cultures, but anyway human civilization is too old now to be a child civilization, unless our society really is just another historic example. At this point, science can replace god, and in time, through this entity which we may alternately appeal to be a god, we may assume such a high place in the reality that we have (and hopefully will continue to) observed. But even then, we cannot be finished, you see, to survive as entities, godlike or otherwise, we will need nourishment. After the conditions are spent by which we may attain such complacence, we need to wander reality, fight, and win, against new forces to find nourishment. Or, try even more to be at peace and attain equal and symbiotic status with other entities that exist. Ultimately, the only reason people hate god is the same reason that people hate Satan (albeit completely ludicrous ideas, from a historical religious analysis): ruthlessness, lust for power, lust for control. The hopelessness of fighting such entities which are superior in almost any way one can think is daunting, even insanity. i am, however it is witnessed, insane to behave as indifferently to supernatural politic.

One can still ask me “why then”, and i will have no answers for you. Ask me how, and then i can offer copious amounts of hypotheses and beliefs, all opinionated, unfortunately, but there is so little anymore about anything that cannot be considered opinion or perception. Peoples’ differences arise merely at random, and so too, the effects of such differences. Just because most humans can agree on certain moral standards and certain psychological principals does not mean that one has to be one of the fold. All it means is that you have to be cautious. Society, people, they are unforgiving, and Mother Nature, she’s even worse.

So much of the deep, ponderous questions center on the pain of existence, but my own questions are one why people see pain as a requisite of reality, and not pleasure. 1: The only thing that should constitute reality to people is happiness. 2: Intelligence is crucial to long term happiness. That is the second and final principal of Neo-hedonism, the search for and exploitation of happiness; the only real difference is in the game having to be played in a more…appreciated manner [by this, it should always be assumed “intelligence”]. Everything else, it would seem, depends on the person, and their own circumstances growing up, don’t you think?

i find it hard to believe, for those that grew up one way, to expect others to see their point of view. It’s hard to believe because it is such an ineffective social structure, one fabricated,most likely, by those who were very unaware of such a problem having existed in history before. In that sense, it isn’t so hard to imagine, not if world where no one is you have to commit to the pessimistic ideal that people are idiots. Unfortunately, there is little alternative, unless you wish to invoke stupid greater forces (i.e. the government, god, or nature), an even bigger crock of shit than believing that the human ego is a miraculously perfect thing. I think that there is so little wrong with anything else except human so-called intelligence.

Why this is, or rather, how, is a very difficult thing to grasp. There is so little to say about it, except that people under-analyze the sheer potential of themselves and their actions. But, in a world where no one is supposed to be special except for a small percentage, no one appears to think of the incredible latent abilities that they may posses. However, this percentage is actually not small if one considers all of the different forms in which these abilities can be manifested. Any famous person has effects on society. All we need to do is to unite them under some reasonable pretence, some intelligent philosophy, and tell them to tell it.

Forget arrogance, duplicity, and overall purpose: they are heroes in the minds of idiots, and any clever politician can use that to his benefit. Of

course, politicians really are good for the same thing, as well: they seek to set personal policy into motion in many locations. Unfortunately, corruption is the name of the game with politicians, and this depresses people, it makes their words and opinions seem worthless, when all they get is greedy, insulting politicians.


All of this is saddening, so let’s move onto something a little more positive. About probability in an infinite reality, there is so little that is meaningful. How can you say that there is a certain chance of something happening when there are an infinite number of times that you will see a particular situation? I think it is a little more complicated than that. You see, what exactly is the

probability that anything has a particular probabilistic set of numbers (1/2, 53/278, 496/35×10^278)? That too is a number, correct, yet there is a ban on numbers higher than 1 and less than zero. What kind of over simplification could this be? When reality has to be infinite in all ways possible, there are many, many infinite realities. The only way that these could share the same space is if there were an excruciatingly vast number of probabilistic dimensions. OK, imagine a vast sheet of marble, miles and miles across, smoother than smooth. I know, not very interesting, but when you dump tons upon tons of playing dice on that land, all finding their own little place , the chances that you will find like numbers in groups or lines becomes quite large. A small herd of 2’s is common, and also the other numbers. Then you can easily find some weird patters: numerous small bands of 8 dice with 1 1 and 3 3’s, until you find a boundary where this becomes no longer possible, where you may then find a spiral of 5’s. The bizarre number games can go on and on in this manner.

Here’s the punch line: in a reality based off of some four basic scientific forces, the chances of things appearing as they are in the universe are astronomically normal. Nope, the chance that there is one correctly proportioned planet from a rather small medium sun, sharing the solar system with

roughly nine other planets is not small. It may be rather different than the rest of the universe, but it was going to happen. Also, the chances that life happened in this once in a universe place are very good, because everything of great importance has already been taken care of. I’m no expert on

the chances of evolution, or in fact, that of a composite life based spiritual guardian entity – which of the two sounds more likely to you – but i know that it was going to happen. Especially when there are always more different kinds of matter being generated inside older stars than that of our sun. After hydrogen, the stars become denser and create more large-sized nuclei. After they run out of workable material, they shed these excess layers of matter into space. These chemicals react in the radiated and zero-g environment of space just as they would here in some lab. After another star draws them in,

becoming a vast disk of material, the matter easily clumps, and, growing larger and larger, drags more matter to itself. In the earth’s case, there was a lot of iron that clumped together, not a surprise when you consider than it holds magnetic properties. And, in large enough quantities, it would eventually sustain an atmosphere. That is about all i know; how our atmosphere came to be instead of Mars’ or toxic Venus’ i cannot truly say. It is very vital, and i wish i knew. But, naturally, sitting here at this computer, i cannot truly come to understand this.

There is such a vast expanse of reality, but there is so little to be gleaned from it. There is no true way that we can ever prove its endlessness, to ourselves or to each other. To do so, one would need beyond godlike powers of observation, concentration, and analysis. Even if we are in only a finite reality, it doesn’t strike any theologians or philosophers about how much of a paradox that is? How can there be only a finite reality? There cannot be. Truly. Why does the Big Bang theory sound so stupid; it is because of the Absolute nothingness before existence. A profound nonexistence cannot be influenced by, much less spur the creation of, a complex, ineffable existence. To say this happened is a complete delusion, a cop-out of the most despicable sort, to try and deny any alter ego’s that were present in existence before humans wrote down their own


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