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Congl0merati0n 007

Well, I can’t imagine anymore what I’m supposed to think… I thought that at one point, I had completely destroyed the underlying logic of my thesis, of UN-Origins, or rather, the Impossibly—Rendered existence.12|345|678|91011| 121314151617|181920|212223|242526|. a difference, or rather, multiplication, of2/3times u=n, the number missing being 7, and then the addition, or differently, factoring of negative9one time, which is3times3, and18 2xthat,r=i.2|3|3|12|2112|12|12|3|; just to show the basic outline.  I’m extraordinarily interested in the Torah code, as it is supposed to be a living impossibility, or at the very least, a highly anomalous piece of statistical understanding.  Yet I believe that all systems and documents should undergo such rigorous numerical screening for clues and hints, just to map out the structure of psychology.  Only people could do this work, and then their work will be taken into consideration, and then that work.  It will be a trillion trillion bits, then several trillions, then some dozen billions or so, then a sharp decline from there into the hundreds of thousands of ideas and words and numbers down to the most basic phoneme’s and idea crystals.   We need to know if the impossible is summoned by symbol, as in a really watered down meta-witchcraft basically.  It was said by a brilliant person that any substantially great technology would mimic sorcery, and I should see why the same doesn’t hold true for the human brain.  “Meaningless symbols acquire meaning, despite themselves”—Hofstadter, who wrote a very laborious tome which it is my displeasure (and yet strange satisfaction) to glean for knowledge.  GEGB2(which can be lengthened many ways, GEBEGB, Gödel, Escher, Bach, {the same again+ an Eternal Golden Braid [and again+ the very short description <which is not very descriptive at all really>, A meta<oh please!>phorical fugue on minds and machines in the spirit of Lewis Carroll]}) was this book, and you can see the predicament I’m in reading such a hideously app(e)al(2)ing, well, need I say more?  But then, the idea also is an impossibility, or perhaps the shadow of possibilities that are physically or conceptually untenable?

 There is only one world, and this is it! Love it, hate it, you are a part of it!  So then what of possibilities?  They aren’t, such is the nature of fiction, or alternate reality.  But does such a plastic look of the universe apply anymore with quantum mechanics- a world dominated only by the very thing which demands that ‘there be dragons’- probability?  Nothing even remotely natural happens unless there is someone watching what is happening at all times.  But even so, unpredictability is not the same as freedom.  We have no freedom to choose the weather, and such is the universe as well. So what of the infinitesimal chances of the moon being made of goat cheeze?   And yes, cheeze, that is, made by goats from another dimension, which also have a certain probability of existing…I could throw the whole discussion under a bus full of para-dimensional farm animals by claiming that reality is mysterious, or I could simply say Impossibility isn’t a lap dog, another smaller vehicle of suicide.  I could blame god, but he’s on vacation, one can’t blame him for wanting one or for the current crisis of physics.  What to do with oneself?  Only the patient workers might find some hope, that would be M-theory, but ironically, there could be many, many worlds for them to sift through to find a framework for our universe.  10500actually, but then that doesn’t hold out for my ideas… or does it?  If only about, let’s say 42 universes, are livable, and from that, 13 of them have life, only one of them need to be ours.  And any finite number works, even 10500000000 is enough to make our reality a truth.  Most of everything doesn’t count; we can’t use any of the universe(s) beyond our solar system, and never will be if there are plans to put Christians in space.  It isn’t their place, only the Ubermensch can conquer the deplorable and implacable void.  Protestants have no goals in life, or any post-Reformation denomination, for that matter.  “Faith is greater than works” can only kill Puritanism: no matter how true it is, it is completely impractical and leads to a dead faith, one way or another.  Shame, some of the most important ideas are secularized and stupidifyed so easily that there may be no place beyond even this planet, and only then, for so much longer, for the tattered civilizations.  In the end though, do I accept possibility?  No, just reality. 

But I was determined to, as I set out, to discuss my dangerous brush with doubt.  I saw that this is but one possibility, one way or another, and to account for the greatness of numbers, disregarding the hints of infinity that they possess. And so, I queried, what of the future beyond the end?  Will impossibility take over once again, and then again, and again, or perhaps that it may take over no matter what, reducing the beauty of reality to an indiscrete product of inevitability?  Would infinity emerge, well rested after its brief respite? I couldn’t see around this, as certainly impossibility always means that the impossible will occur within and out of the power of an endless and unquenchable vastness.  So then I saw that this is certainly not happenstance, the rays of time and existence would surely stretch out far past my limits of patience and in point of fact, existence.  But then, what can be trusted if impossibility is dominant?  Again, I must become re-acquainted with my own literature…

Or make it up.  I can’t find it anymore.  I’ve looked before, maybe I never wrote it at all.  But the idea is this: that power and control are not different ideas, in truth.  Power is what makes the world go, and control tells it how to.  Power truly has none when given free license, after all, power is only an entity when it is seen doing something, when a task is performed, work accomplished.  Control is powerless, and only works for a little bit to stem this tide that seems unending, that of incredible, fundamental power.  Control without power is too something like a book never read, a word never spoken, a tool never used.  Such things aren’t control.  Which is greater?  From power control was crafted, and from control does power know that it is.  Much can be said of origins, but this must be universal:  power and control are like a pendulum: and that one becomes too much, the other must be taken into account.  Something with a great amount of control is not powerful, but controlling, it is squashed by its own effectiveness, as then power begins to be a smaller and smaller part of a system, until it is not apart at all.  From such a dystopia as the Crystal palace, power can burst forth, as then control must be interchanged for power, in a real sense, or in only an accounting sense, that some free variables get mixed in so that more control can be created.  They become interchangeable.  Such was the case of the truly impossible, it makes the possible, but they must exist side by side, one cannot dominate.  A pendulum that doesn’t swing is a laughable entity indeed, like a tongue of a drunk lolling out of its head as it sleeps, having had too much to drink of itself.  Flaccid flesh, a mere trifle that is soon a disgusting site; oh ha ha women, get your laughs in fast, I’m still writing.  But then it can only occur once, that of impossibility, or a finite number of times. 

They aren’t really in one or the others sets.  Impossibility doesn’t contain possibility, but possibility contains impossibility, which then must contain possibility.  I figured that one must be the progenitor, but reality doesn’t create fiction, it’s merely a type of fiction.  Impossibility cannot be completely impossible, because then it would be consistent; that which is consistent is natural, and the natural is always real.  Artificiality is the hallmark of a jewel, and only something natural can create something artificial, that only nature can create itself by ceasing to be lawful.  That artificial concepts and machinery have a place in science is truly laughable, what I say isn’t science!  Impossibility must for its own sake, be the final step, only that a line divides space into two portions, or that this same line makes a circle on both sides of that space, and that the final realization is that an ornate dragon unfolds from outside the circle, and devours its own infinite tail. In that beasts stomach are we, or in the stomach inside the body that is the tail, the stomach that eats itself.  A very hot, slimy onion indeed! All for the sake of impossibility, a boundary is drawn, then regarded as sacred by both parties, one unholy, the other, completely evil, black and white.   1501

I have extended myself it would certainly seem                                                                     

damn                                                                                                                                  only those that can never be

another time, an                                                                                                  happy carry

empty fill                                                                                                                              1

regardless ican

see a black lightshine

outline of an unsatisfying solution

  the finality of a lie


an unnecessary creation,thatofansidedie

I can certainly write                                            I

                                                                                                                I speak


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