poetry booklet page 4

prelife is the reawakening of death

Such heavy words

no, no patterns here

just the endless ranting

theses of great intellect

of personality, or arrogance

but all of these basic features

small things illistrating who i am

may be ultimately decided by fate

The same cruel fate that decides my life

as it begins

also takes it at its choosing

no, i don’t feel these things separate

no one can even say that death would alter

who we are

but these things existed in time before….

Nope, death is not so unusual

just because there there is a curtain

does not seperate things essentially

the man behind this curtain

great and powerful Oz

sees all, and knows that the lab rats run

the same course

whether in the floor of life

or in the mezzanine of death

they all loop around, bending and twisting…

through a pre – Oz reality

it may be under new management

but reality is unchangeable

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