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My utter absence from philosophical quandary has been an immense detriment.  No more so perhaps, than the world-wide colonization by post- World War II Germany, but nonetheless, a great loss… And in so doing, the thoughts have percolated again into a series of rant-able, cohesive thoughts of consternation.  Now, the floor belongs to you… (200 words or less, please) Oh yes, of course, silly me; the topic is control, and what a loss or gain in control means for the subjective psyche.

Indeed, well, that’s nothing.  I have just made the rash insulting move of pre- typing my response, because I have so little faith in your semantics…How does it feel?  Yeah, how does it feel…BITCH!  That’s, right, a call out.  200 words, all yours.

Wow, they really are pathetic.  Not one damn word.  No one even submits to the rules of engagement, I swear, THIS is why western civilization ABSOLUTELY is shitting itself out of existence.  The bar is being lowered more and more, every day, in every way.  There is no way intelligence will win; stupidity is now the dominant species on the planet.  Fuck.  No, exactly that.  The over-simplification and excessive, repulsive and

Satanic cluster fuck of failures.  Safety in numbers, so too, weakness in strength.  They are incapable of seeing anything except reality, and then only that there is something in it to be desired.  Driven like animals, and yet we feed them.  Are we herding the cattle or are they herding us?!!!?  So much of our many systems actually hinge FUNDAMENTALLY on the fact that people are stupid, and remain that way.  Not so for cleverness, but even a damn rat can be clever!  Vermin I call them, and only the half rats can even notice their sense of humanity.  And then real humans are born, a vestige of what was perhaps once nothing but human, they are not typical.  Nor can philosophy emerge, nor religion, nor anything but sense.  The whole purpose of corrupt systems is to serve as a precipitation: one part diamond per millions of utter shit.  A pessimist would say a pretty pebble, a religious man shout “idolatry!”, and yet still a greedy simpleton argue, “me!”.  Such is the lustre of gems, the lust of one-another, the attack, the demonetization, the senses of –iority.  From corruption, to corruption, then back again; a pretty picture is that the gem may remain undiscovered, uninterrupted in its hidden sanctuary of death, or remain with its fellows there… but then what good is death if not a sense of life.  0 is a physical impossibility, and what is true for the individual is true of the group.  From nothing more than bleak ungodly matter, from nothing more than ungodly crystals, from nothing more than ungodly beasts, from nothing more than ungodly man, from nothing more than ungodly demons, from then on and on… Hell is a paradise of perpetual evolution, or rather, the absence of retarded emotions and vague notions of justice, all wrong and  exposed as the ranting of fear mongering, poor, and complacent subconsciousness, the antitrinity; such a plane is paradise. Place all opposites side by side, and reveal the magic of creation.  The friction of opposites, the negation of meaning, the center of intelligence, and that is, the realization that a paradox is all-encompassing, not specific nor a trifle.  It is not an argument from incredulity, but an admittance to ignorance, ergo intelligence, ergo the perfection of imperfection, sustained in the notion that the impossible would necessarily contain all possible realities nowhere, and thus, all that there is is perfectly rational beyond the truth that nothing is the perfect catalyst, and indeed, the only true resource, for infinity…

   How do you deny the constant screams from one different voice?  Some believe this, others that, but the very fact that there are so many different unoriginal ideas leads credence that the archetype is an unshakeable reality in global consciousness…   no More of an introduction is necessary, as the efforts of hypotheses and finally theories in regards to neuroscience, and psychology, are all well known.  Perhaps not as much as one would hope, as the idea of a functioning anthill is not acceptable to society as of yet, but still, Jung absolutely deserves the place Freud has occupied in the popular mind.  Sexual obsession cannot be underrated, no, but then overrated astronomically even sickeningly has it been.  Another sign of the disgusting descent back into the pigs that we would hope to be, as it were.  And then control, ah yes, lust for power- that is precisely the opposite idea overplayed by politicians, taken grossly out of its natural element, that is, a search for love, or beauty.  Yes, truth is beauty, or if not that, then at least the vice versa.   People, when not able to enjoy something aesthetically, come to an impasse by believing life meaningless.  This is ridiculous, for what meaning is meaning?  People want to decide, or feel that there is a decision, and love, to feel that they are part of a self-sufficient system.  But I repeat myself, and Jung would concur, if not to the emotive quality as to the content truly…

   1. nothing.2. nothing 3. nothing 4. nothing 5. nothing 6. nothing 7. nothing 8. nothing 9. nothing…..Not boring, but unimportant, in the grandest sense of the content; I’m sure my position of importance will slacken later on when my personal interests are piqued further…18.  Only at the very end, here does it say that extremes always arouse the suspicion of their opposites.  A perfect example about how perfection is always going to be suspect, because one 100% may not be there, it may be 0%.  God’s morality—that of infinite wrath or mercy, is ridiculous.  As they certainly give the impression that hell is in fact god’s infinite joy, and that heaven is god’s guilt, the ideas are very suspicious, particularly in that evil is never, ever, explained.  If man is a co-creator with God, that of evil, or that evil is necessitated by god’s existence, then his omnipotence, truthfulness, and omnibus facets are really just fronts faced to us in this finite sphere by a superbeing, the likes of which Nietzsche could loathe instead of love.  Perhaps that the super beings are dead really is tantamount to his ideas, that death and life are pointless distinctions that man has designed out of fear of chaos and a laziness of advancement.  But then, to death we go, that the impossible will create the world we see…And yet, a thought occurs to me: if it is impossible for the possible not to exist outside of impossibility, then the reality must in fact be completely separate from impossibility, for impossibility becomes necessary to itself for contradiction.  Yet, I suppose, trying to make impossibility a uniform phenomenon really is like trying to blot out the sun with a flashlight.  It becomes only possible in the rarest of circumstances, mundane though they are.  So then, the distinctions, in the end, become so suspicious as to need to be abandoned.  You know, this argument I would never apply to myself, as truth I find perhaps, too great for me…But only those who need a reassuring slap in the face that they are every bit as disgusting as they secretly feel themselves deserve the truth of these statements.  I grow petulant, as if there isn’t a reason not to turn this around upon myself.  But then, abolitionism is true as much as relativity, something most people really miss about those remarkable equations.     

   25. The via regia of the soul, of the unconsciousness.  No longer do fantasies really exist, but rather, that the illusions one’s mind produces are at best, a dark looking glass whereupon reality is turned to face itself.  So then reality and illusion are distinct ideas, but one needs the other, though for all men, the idea is completely opposite in a metaphysical sense.  26. Now that illusion be juxtaposed so neatly within one’s mind, one must reconcile the differences, and make plain what is there to be seen.  “The disinfecting power of daylight” is a perfect analogy, that once something has been dragged out of the corruption of the personality, and beyond the human condition, objectivity can find a use for everything.  And here then again, the ‘cherished illusions’ must be disregarded, so reality and illusion, impossible and possible, all come full circle, that such basic concepts are nothing more than fabrications.  Yes, in the 24th paragraph, (once overlooked) goes over how silliness is never more than skin deep.  It is when we thrive in shallow waters, or on the mere surface of things, we are but parasites, a congealed sort of fish that swims in these schools of absurdity, much is to be regarded by seeing our own American culture is such a blind entity, only following in its own movements, on nihilism, on comedy.  But enough about the degradation of the universe…. 27. On morality, and how we are children inside of ourselves, the small unresolved conflicts that fester in us, that these need to be recognized.  I made mention before about the ‘anthill model’ of neurology, which has, naturally, made various gains in both the small scale and large scale brain sciences.  Now this simply states that the brain has many smaller parts to it, none of which are in a any true sense intelligent, but together are a cohesive, recognizable entity, that of the brain.  The system is a very political model of our government, an interesting coincidence which, come to think of it, would perfectly account for our countries completely infantile and corrupted system which is arguably the best (quickly falling in status in all positive categories); the president that is our sense of self, the legislature of all the various specialized groups of the brain, and the judiciary, or memory, system (not alone, not a part).  One could argue ‘king’ would fit better, but in all reality, we change our priorities far too much to be one cohesive ‘self’ (whatever the hell that is!), being at least four distinct categories (childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and seniority, all of which have been statistically and socially been partitioned off even further).  The legislature, with the majority/minority power schema, is directly tantamount to our discussion here.  The ads and movements, however, never stop in-between the voting, but are replayed daily in sleep and dreams.  We see that those which have fallen (temporary or not) out of political favor all caterwauling for a say in life.  The text goes on to state that “he does not “possess” the conscious impulses…they have become autonomous complexes which it is the task of analysis, not without great resistances, to bring under control again.”

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