Ub 04 (part 1)

My Cardiac Obelisk

Boundaries are nothing; all they do is create cowardice or contentment, and nothing that extends itself beyond false hopes or justification of wrong deeds; erroneous modes of thought and paths of subsisting on death.  Take Other for example (recall that this is the earlier work), why even consider such an idea, when really any Other thing in the world is just an expansion of a different, however, frequently remote piece of one’s psyche, or “soul”.  Socrates was very close to our realistic conception of soul, and most certainly of the Christian one.  Yet that shows that our “united” or whole persona, is in fact a jigsaw puzzle.  But really, the concept of unity is impossible from the beginning, without the understanding that differences were apparent, then in subsequent moves, resolved.  The fact that anything happens at all is in fact an impossibility, if one understands Zeno’s paradoxes (the flying arrow, Hercules and the hare, immovable vs. unstoppable).  But that is all subtext; after all only when reality and illusion are separate, lies from truth, do paradoxes naturally emerge, thus thwarting our ‘human, inferior logic.’ But really, no one is united unless they are divided; countries, groups of friends, even God himself has purportedly ordained that there be a certain limit to how fundamentally united the Kingdom of God and its subjects can be.

But if unity is gone, then disunity as well.  Consider it, the realization of a common goal is established and accepted, than these boundaries of separation dissolve.  In addition, if there is a phenomenon equitable with “6 degrees”, especially in a personal psyche, then taxonomies and personae are decorative, merely epiphenomenon.  Look at the situation from the following simplistic modal fallacy:  person A and his ‘team’ are the Protagonist, person B and his ‘team’ are the Antagonist, and person C and his ‘team’ are neutral.    It’s ludicrous.  It is dichotomy, why (and more importantly, how) would one cut up the universe into little tiny cubes, when the truth of the universe is, as I put it succinctly:  the ocean is comprised of water and the water is comprised of oceans.  It is very simplistic, but it is highly counter-intuitive.  This is what people are doing in their lives; they hold up a mirror to their own inner psycho-spiritual labyrinth, recreate it from the mirror consciously, and take themselves and their ‘teams’ around in this madness.  When you hold two mirrors to each other perfectly, the reflection of one creates the reflection for the other, and vice versa, onto a yawning infinity of indistinct delusions.  One could say that this is blasphemy, and that one would be justified in their owned understanding.  The fact that humans create their world from scratch as they live out their lives is indeed fantastical; and many, many pedantic, but mislead people would reasonably attribute this to egoism.  If one follows the logic of ‘up and down’ causality, instead of either/or, then these separations become mere word games.  Only one who has distinguished himself from god, or if not, then information, whichever the Truth allows ad infinitum, would not take this kernel of truth and apply it.  The world is neither with us nor without us in its most fundamental conceptuality, because ‘us’ is unneeded distinction, or rather, an alloyed form of the purest and most natural information, and should such a ‘perfect’ demon ever manifest it could wipe our existence away as dust from a shelf.  Reality is integral, as Lao Tzu kept on saying, over and over, ad nausium to be frank. 

This does not mean that there will ever be an end to the three-faced reality, a face of truth, a face of lies, and a face of human experience.  More or less, no wait, this should condense this:  the eyes of truth, the tongue of lying, and the ears and nose of human experience.  There is more that one must know of this to remove all reasonable doubt, and thusly it is good to mourn Reason itself, the poor bastard.  It had no idea of what would follow…  Let me continue with what I mean: you see that lies and truth are distinct, no?  Wrong!  A lie is only a part of the truth that serves as a foundation upon which fantasy can be built.  There is not any level of knowledge or ignorance that can say definitely that fiction isn’t real, and that our experience is.  After all, if a fiction doesn’t exist, then in what sense is it understood and regarded as fiction in the first place, and it would not be experienced and thus not part of reality.  The opposite: when the most logical, innate, and corroborative truths cannot be shown to be anything other than partial, highly descriptive fantasies, it creates the perfect little niche within which any possible reality is some ones’ experience.  Who am I do deny the legitimacy of claims made by anyone, even myself?  And by what “authority” do I wield the magic stamp that would sign off on a fictive pet project and allow said story to be played out by the actors in it?  But there is hope.  Perhaps an absolute and perfect standard exists, yet without certainty may this hope be ingested, and even more pointedly, beyond any faith.  No, it is not that we live in a so-called habitable zone, but rather in a domain where both extremes coexist.  Further, the distinction between these three metaphysical spheres is illusionary, as I have driven to the point of blunting the possible impact that this exposé may have.

 Why then continue to type, and have previously, to write out this massive wad of information which when hurled, will only wend its way to the bottom of a sea of stupidity?  It is such utter Madness!  I must then confess, for the sake of length and girth, to admit that there is an ulterior motive behind what I’m really saying, a personal melodically fitting accompaniment to this baleful rhapsody.  I really do my best work after midnight! And on that note, I shall retire. 

the Butterfly that broke its own Wings …

i find it confounding that the self resolution be so absolute. Even being one flesh, one mind, one fate, people are never united.  Concept is indeed greater than Man, or Woman (especially woman I should say, because memetics seems to be derivative mostly from the ‘Why’-chromosome, or at least, lasting ones).  Yes, even the most seemingly perfect couples, those who love beyond all mortal bounds, and fill their own personal time and space with each other to an unnaturally high degree, they have become a redundant system, a mere virus in the face of the biological and metaphorical complexity of the universe.  I must admit then that nature abhors a vacuum, not necessarily the next step up.  In fact, it is by the sheer astronomical numbers of single celled organisms that any evolution occurs at all; and this precedent of advantage before risk that is not only a government of biological diversity and the planetary ecosystem, but in the lives of even the highest (perhaps, third highest according to Adams’ observance) echelon of cultural being, that of the human society. 

A shameful 561 words

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