Ub 03 (part 2)


I am unable to follow such a code of conduct.  In fact, there is virtually no way to undo what our society has put in place.  Several millions of people could do exactly what is described here but won’t change a thing.  In fact, this was tried in the past, both with democracy and communism; it goes without say that all these failed.  There are just too many things that get in the way of happiness.  Erasing the system, starting over will not work, because such societies can not remain closed systems.  After all, the Quakers had a massive following, but literally died out because they practiced celibacy.  No lie; it’s a very early and interesting part of American history.  Sad to say it, but there is a specific reference that can be made here, and that is Metroid Prime.  A group of people decided to abandon their spiritless fruits of technology and return to simplicity and embrace nature.  But they were done in by catastrophe, natural disaster and the fallout from that.  We too, whether as individuals or as a planet, cannot hope to outlast the forces of the universe which would undue us as easily as a gentle wind can topple a very complicated (or simple) toothpick structure.  Besides, who is to say that there is a distinction to be made between artifice and unadorned nature.  Wholeness isn’t a virtue; it is a practicality, a fail-safe.  But I, like many of the worlds most industrious citizens, work in a high risk, high gain environment.  One of the most attractive features of realizing the One simple, unadorned nature, or information, is that it does not require anything of anyone.  Ultimate laziness is afforded for those who follow the Way.

“Refine personal preference and desire.”  It in a sense does follow that one should then not worry about the standards of a hypocritical society, but for some, that society is their preference.  People are here given license to do whatever it is that they want, unless that is what is meant by ‘refine’, here.  After all, the way to refine gold is to throw it into a furnace, as it is put in the bible on a few occasions.  But here I suppose, destruction is not warranted, just self honesty, an actual abandonment of what one is not believing in their day to day lives.  Oh and imperfection is perfection.


It is time.  The past has unfolded, showing us all it has had to offer.  The age ahead can not and will not remain in the same vices as it has before.  Ignorance will not be the allowance of the world, the currency by which all blood flows unheeded.  As he says, not all experiences are necessary, and not all experience is beneficial.  When, as he says, people have become part of an unchanging or redundant system, people find that they lose their value instantaneously, and are simultaneously anchored in doubt while becoming only one among many, instead as he claims he has become, many among one.  Perhaps this is possible, but with our socio-dynamics we cannot become both vastly self-substantiated and free as well.  He has always avoided the eye of others, if we can assume his words at their face value, and fully enjoys that he could be a cosmos unto himself, if he were to make that fundamental reduction, sealing his consciousness inside an inconspicuous acorn.  He says that it is by his insistence that he has removed himself from the world.  Yet how would he know if he were fully immersed in the world and completely absent from it.  Both are statements whereby the ego becomes worthless.  No, value cannot be fundamentally lost, but if it is spread very thinly, no one will tell the difference, which is why society works well.  Arrogance and self satisfaction are just games, while really we have all vested interests which are continually growing because our small values are awash in it.  However, as soon as one becomes too attracted to a certain circuit of thought, then the investment will stop tabulating and be withdrawn from the ‘psychic bank’ as I would refer to it. 

It was penned well in my greatest essay- the Extent of the Flesh- that such a bank exists, a complete substructure of consciousness on top of which our society is operating.  After all, if group consciousness is as real as I think it to be, then it would have an unconsciousness, one which could exist through time, and be a reflection and storage for the ideas of the time.  It could also be commanded and limitedly controlled by the present consciousness.  The only analogy that I can state with some semblance of truly relatable components for such an intractably intangible set of beliefs is a barrier maze, which you will learn about soon enough.  Yet even as this exists as a whole, that does not deny the existence of such a depth in the personal psyche, even if it too, is just as loose & intangible set of meme-complexes. Perhaps Loa Tzu only thinks there is a Mother that likes him better, when, in all likelihood, all Her children share in her nourishment as well. 


Just a rehash.  What I want to know is how someone cherishes something which isn’t technically there?  I can’t.  I relish the idea that I have found the ultimate substance of the universe, the Monad, the Infinitesimal, and the Infinite, all in one, coming to the conclusion of my own reckoning.  It may be arrogance or simply bragging rights, but it’s the little things in life…


And they keep on coming!  This is an amazing example of another counterargument against the sanctity and praiseworthiness of God.  He has all of the things which, if foregone, would earn him a place among what we would call, the best of the best, just all around great guys.  This too, is not something which one man might do, but is meant for many and all. It is not a transformative process that could change the world or even a city in a span of one lifetime, but has all the abilities of becoming the ultimate force if applied continuously.  Just imagine the size of the impact Martin Luther King JR. would have had if he hadn’t been shot.  Just imagine.  But alas, he was one person, and nobody seemed to wish to emulate him, perhaps out of reverence, or perhaps out of lack of personality.  It takes a specially crafted individual to produce 1 Dr. King, and they come only once in a terribly great while. If anyone were to be 100% expected in heaven, it would be he, one of the very few.  This is very much like in <********>, yet phrased much, much better.  Competition is divisive, yet cooperation is more uplifting and practical than this.  Why the hell else do people watch team sports.  Because they see that the best team wins, the ones who can fuse in to a small individual being with the greatest success, and the least harmful trade-offs, wins.  Luck granting, of course.  But still, competition is divisive, no matter how harmonious are your city-states.


“What goes up must come down.”  Newton.  There really is no universal truth, no universal virtue.  I have allowed the usage of these words up till this point, but I will no longer.  It has become dogmatic here.  Here it says that the truth is ever-present, but you are not always in it.  It says that faith is required.  Hmm, here it goes on to say that you either are 100% or zero percent believing.  Such a sad day.


It gets worse.  Now people who do not follow the way are detestable, those who cannot see the advantage of selflessness are branded as fools.  Sometimes we want to be the antitheses of what we want to be, to be lessened in the eyes of others or ourselves.  We want to damage ourselves because we think and live in a positive/negative world, not in a neutral world of one truth.  We see that we call attention to ourselves because it will cheapen our value.  It is one way of escapism, a very small way, but not unlike the Way itself, which is escapism.  But now that I have said it so much, who is not running from reality?  Who is fully facing the problems that they have?  And how can they tell if they are deceiving themselves, when the world is so full of deception?  Even Lao Tzu cannot admit that his principles are faultless, so what difference does it make, selflessness or selfishness, growth or withering, pride or humility? 


Now that I am at 10,000 words, I’ll stop for now.  Oh wait no, silly me, I was off by twelve words; there.    Yet 5510 words, in this half actually.  So, you will have to take these halves together, forming a cohesive analysis of the remaining 136 passages of wisdom.  Damn it, I ended up with 10,100 words, how unclean.  No longer is it a perfect hypercube with the symbolic fullness of 10x10x10x10.  Can one really exceed 100% truth?  That, I suppose, is a question that will remain debatable.  

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