Ub 03 (part 1/2)

As the world is full of active psyches, many highly commendable ideas are going to emerge naturally from the woodwork.  I must continue to examine and focus on positives, and remove myself from nihilism.  After all, a belief in nothing is contradictory.  How amusing then that, in the case of all our societies progress, our greatest achievements are based off of abstraction, and then even more so the importance of the abstraction of nothingness.  Meet 0.  A symbol of nothing, the core of equivalency, and the basis for all physics and mathematics, which, if a difference were to appear (2+2=5), all of the laudable experiments would be no more than a laughable side effect of some laudanum. Our feverish frenzy of curiosity, a similarly base nature on the same naturalistic level as sex, would be just that, the greatest mirage in all of conception.  It never shall cease to amaze me that our minds find rationality amidst all the backdrop of white noise.  Order is existent, this cannot be denied, but the origin of all is chaos. 

Am I splitting hairs?  I am, but these small hairy bits are splitting me as well.  It is a psychic bur, a small, knurled seed of truth that is using me to be transported from intellect to intellect.  It is always this way with memes, which, in the midst of all the genetic research, are the new designation for an idea.  The universe is a cold desert, a veritable Antarctica far from the sanctity of sports and petty social squabble, the latest spoof films, all other “social memes.”  No, my pilgrimage (of a mush less dramatic sort, I’m afraid) resides in the wilderness as well, and I am forced by my own necessity of weakness to return to the hub of commonality, and am the attraction of these exotic spores that I’d be more than willing to cultivate personally in my own small division of the hub. Yes, adventurer is far more apt in this sense; after all, I have estranged myself from dogmatic processes, societal indoctrination, and, if all goes well, the pitfalls of my sex and age groups.   Individuality is just far too much work, and can understand peoples’ unconscious aversion to it. 

But the hairy swords, yes: the distinction between chaos and reality, truth and illusion.  No doubt I am making far too many unnecessary distinctions.  As I have said, there are no opposites.  Symmetry does not allow it.  But, if opposites are equivalent, which is true, agendas between the average crack addict and the current President are equal, they do both seek the opposite, one for power and control, the other for the euphoria in losing all self-control.  However, in the case of the druggie, there is recompense, even, some would argue, sanity. 

How bizarre, how everyone knows the trajectory of a beam of light, but the encroachment of darkness knows no limits, and is not counted.  Then too, the analogy can be observed in the statistics that track increasing war and death, however variable the accuracy, but the quickening crystallization of society in its social and political structures is nothing more than an illusion.  With the advent of errant expressionism, found in the digital era, we may form one of those more interesting ossifications, marbled by differences personal, but by impersonal indifference.  It will become a hive mind, when a single individual will lack the capacity for rationality or will, but there will be a peaceful existence.  However, as Dostoyevsky was quick to point out, fractures and breaks in stratification will occur; and the complex- compromised

Those hairs have fallen completely off, and the bare skull, unflinching, remains.  No, not of a man, or all of men, but the progenitor, the god of the world and what we have yet to see.  The distinctions that we want to see are indeed seasonal, and perhaps the current trend will fall out of fashion within my lifetime.  A nothingness will replace that, fitting of the beast that can neither aspire to absorb everything and was not from the absence of himself either; what I am saying is that we want.  Hell, we want to the ends of the earth, and we make up crap after we grow bored of wanting what’s there for us.  The alternative, Everything, has no purpose, it is all ends achieved, all means experimented and merged.  Nothingness can’t be at all.  So the statement, “from nothing” is reasonable; born from that contradiction that spontaneously would have created enough for our universe. 

Hypocrisy is great, especially the one’s knowledgeable of their inconsistencies. It shows that there is a clear lack of the distinctions and philosophies that would endear this madness.  Those who are too lonely for another person, exquisite. Those who are excessively vibrant are hollow, amazing.  The net worth of hypocrisy is psychologically small, small enough to allow both suffering and bliss, even within an individual, at one point in time.  What kind of world is more perfect than this one, where the inane and dull are the beginnings and endings of fantasy and excitement?  The lack of a social zero, of equality, of a balance of forces; that is evil and it is godly.  We shall see here more fragmentations in personality and preferences than anytime else, with a great pool of general people.  The number of catalysts for friction and the small, numerous stable pools, will ever more characterize at the very least, American society.  Higher contrasts and greater distribution on the spectra of humanity will make the ultimate gambling machine; so will you bet on our success or failure?  In this particular chapter, the merits of the insane will be due’md: tallied, asserted, and often criticized. 

 ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~ 

     The Vennerable Teacher, Lao Tzu, has lived long indeed if even now, he exists in the banks of Spell-check.  Ironically enough, spell-check told me that it wishes to be regarded with a hyphen.  It makes no difference, as this is all rather pointless blather, but in my own case, much less unnecessary will be the following discourse.  After all, someone who has existed so long merely on the breath of the wind as his second book, the Hua Hu Ching (or HH=88 for the sake of briefness), certainly has the luck that can normally be attributed to gods and their chosen. As the teacher himself did (with his remarkable stoppage of the 9squared passage within the duo-logy, a feat that I don’t yet find coincidental) I will break down the book by the passage.  No sense in wasting anymore of your time on the introductory…

Oh, ah yes, the Universal way.  I’m afraid I’m already a liar aren’t I?  O well.  Yes, it is quite beautiful.  I do take offense at his assertions of ‘science left behind’,  as skepticism is in fact, the key to what would drive one away from the illusion of everyday reality and towards some sort of universal end. It is the means to making the first steps in one’s pilgrimage towards holistic understanding of what mixture makes ‘human.’  However, utter rationalism, even in wisdom, can destroy you, your individuality.  It is argued that this is an unnecessary illusion, but again, it is just a paradox.  Solomon, our own Teacher, has said that all things are “pointless, a chasing after the wind”.  He was unmistakably true.  Both benefit and detriment are but two aspects in a conflicting world.  So, no this will not benefit everyone, especially if scientists, religious followers, and the average lay person are not able to walk the razor’s very sharp edge of this Way, the so-called “universal way” I have angered myself over this drivel. 

On the plus side: no emotionality.  One simply cannot be angered or incensed by this unless, as I already have, inject one’s self onto ultimately selfless material.  And, I have found the subtle substance mentioned heretofore: Information (even though he said it was impossible!!! {Okay…easy now}). It was not though, his fault for not living in the Age of Information.  I Digress.


I have already seen the face of his quarry, metaphysically speaking.  He is absolutely right, of course, our descriptions often fail.  But this is true even in science. It is true; look up Quantum weirdness and you’ll see, or perhaps a more down to earth approach, in extreme aspects of General and Special Relativity.  Memes are now the way to speak of living, breathing ideas, and Information is that ultimate asexual mother figure (hrmm, hrrmm, Rei Rokubunge) of which he speaks, the primordial proto bacterium which is all but extinct, outdone by its newer- and flashier, don’t forget that- models, such as sight, sound, sex, and  self.  Ah, cannibalism, matricidal cannibalism. 

Hmm, yes, Einstein wrote, “subtle is the Lord” but I will pen my own opinion: the Universe needs some in depth psychiatric help.  And yes, it is the Universe, not the universe.  Spell-check knows the difference, and accepts it; I expect you to do the same.  


Who is this ‘One?’  He certainly isn’t any human.  Unless you hold that reflexive mirror up and see that he:

 does evil with/ [out] possession

 is boundlessly selfish to the point of hubris, no longer seeing self because that clouds his mind

leads astray many men to the Satanism of his persona, and repulse his fellow men simultaneously

does nothing, but asks for much, even if it be self-punishment

does not see his pain, and so too bores of his pleasures

so you see, we already have converted the greater part of every humans mind on the planet.  Being the devil’s advocate is fun and easy here.  Hypocrisy is much easier than this contrived Jesus.  Hell, could Jesus have not been any of these things?  I seriously doubt it.  This book (the 11, don’t even ask, it’s what I’ve named it) 

Yin/Yang still stands, however, to this day, without competent opposition other than, once again, the model human being as counter-evidence, which should be rather unimpressive.  Yes, the 11 makes the mistake of seeing only ¼ of the possible outcomes.  Oh, and as a note, Satanists and Satan Worshipers are not the same, although they are a lot closer than the Church of Christ, Scientist and Scientology.  Satanists are those with the egos that could devour planets. 


You know, the 1st paragraph is exactly my argument against Christianity.  I can see no flaw in what its premise is other than it is a dream state, perhaps not akin to Life, and by the same token, not akin to death.  Are we Taoists in heaven?  It is funny, really, but it raises some serious theological mountains in god’s path.  He’ll just move them out of the way, of course; after all, he set them in his own path.  It would be a show of his prodigious skill after which he would pander to his brainwashed followers for applause and adoration. 

The second paragraph is depressing; after all, doesn’t anyone want to flaunt their mortality anymore?  Good grief.

The juries’ still out on that third one.  As Jet would say, “Don’t know, and got no opinion.”  After all, who cares whether it be anarchy or artifice (of art in this sense)?  It fundamentally makes no difference. 


This is an excellent passage—poignant.  The inexhaustible power is that of gravity, pouring out of everything.  Jupiter is the best source of this power in our solar system.  Its immense gravity (wasn’t it 23 times more massive than earth?) warps and melts its closest moon, IO, to the point where it has an entirely new geography in a matter of hours.  Just imagine what we could do with all that perpetual energy!  Hmmm, ok, not endlessly endless, but unfathomably great, just plain beyond anyone’s reasonable guess to how long humans could live with each other.  It also is the celestial rounder-offer and tangle remover in our solar system. 

He was merely using his cleverness in the obscure/clarity duality.  After all, the world is not spiritually, mentally, or even physically clear, although it shows its natural surface to our eyes and instruments without complaint (except for those damned subatomic particles, black holes, and  dark energies; don’t worry though, the brainiacs will figure all those things out too).  So in this sense, the obscure /clear core needs to be interchanged; the batteries are in backwards, so to speak.  Yet the last statement in closing is just sooo….. It’s just beautiful.  Why doesn’t anyone want to agree?  I guess it is that their conceptions that are intellectual backflow; believe it or not, not everyone apparently puts the batteries in right the first time.


 Symmetry is a synonym for Lao Tzu’s wholeness.  We could go beyond and mention holistic aspects as vital metaphysical artifacts to be seen with awe and with a courteous nod to this man for his insights, but he refuses such base things as recognition among men, regulars.  Confucius was nicer.  Besides, there is no benefit to seeing all things as equal, as this is untrue.  But so too, the inequalities could very well be equal, and how would one make that distinction?  After all, if one does create such a distinction, then he must accept that both black is white and white is white.  However, this fails as well, for white and black, if they are fundamentally the same, they are the same.  You could even say that white is black and black is black, these are opposites, but they are all the same.  It is again, very much worth noting, that if two concepts are interlinked fundamentally, their characteristics are all just subjective, nonexistence of one is the same as saying the nonexistence of the other.  However, there is a great loophole in this whole schema which has been gravely overlooked.  But that is for later. 

This second is terminally outdated, or is it?  Read Biocosm or The Intelligent Universe, form your own opinions.  The juries’ still out, but in this case, it would not be impossible to make an assumption one way or another. 

Eh, Dostoyevsky had a much more reasonable reprisal to this monotony: men will naturally force themselves away from knowledge that compromises them, especially to the point that it can help them.  Besides, what does peace achieve?  Only war.  However, I do suspect that this can be avoided through faith: faith in the notion that boundaries are an illusion.  Peace is the reflection of war, internal and cerebral rather than physical and political.  However, when there is any lull in the action of a fight, thoughts disrupt that native chaos, and they are guilt, shame, pride, and justification.  These are the reflective aspects.  And peace too is never absolute- rather they mimic each other to a great extent, once scale is disregarded.  At any rate, people need to fight and struggle, to strive and yearn, always for something.  Lao Tzu’s methods are not unique. 


Yes, information never does exhaust itself, because to do so would require a fundamental rewrite of all our conceptions.  But let’s say that the universe does stop.  One must then ask: to what extent?  It is no different really than asking what happens after death… if the universe stopped existing, it would make no difference, because as soon as existence/ nonexistence were tangibly interchanged, they would do so twice.  It is not too different from multiplying a number by itself.  The answer is always positive.  Always.  Besides, the keys words are suddenly and gently.  Certainly the universe won’t, of its own accord, end anywhere near our life spans or the probable life spans of our entire race. 


This is one of those statements which is a direct contradiction later on.  In addition, a personality does not belie finitude (God or gods are believed to be infinite but always act human), and, as I have stated, might in fact be because we are infinite.  After all, we are all just part of the white noise, although individuals have their own part to play.  This also makes no indication as to how deep or high we can be metaphysically, although basic observation points to the fact that the world is basically evil.  But the Taoist is supposed to be silent, uncommunicative in his musical spirituality.  I guess that the volume of this symbolic white noise is not specified, although if we are talking about the whole of reality, it should be deafening, maddening.  Chaos and order are both enemies to the Taoist, I understand now; they don’t really want to live, nor do they hold any special value in dying.  It isn’t a living way of life: it is surviving. 

I’m not sure that completely dispersing one’s self throughout the infinite reality would bring safety, although those individual and innumerable kernels would be the seed for basically all of reality, once all of the personality and individualism is radiated out of our information.  It certainly seems a great violation for Occam’s Razor, but that may be of no consequence.  And if it really all just is information (which is the only coherent belief system), then it makes no difference. 

There is one way to keep alive an individuality of a sort: collective consciousness.  The really brilliant thing is that all consciousness has sub-consciousness, and regular consciousness is underneath this form.  So that means there is a form of super-consciousness, although the methods for tabulating this are presently guesswork at best.  It would not be too hard to imagine that there is a greater sphere above that one, and another below ours, both ad infinitum.  It would be very easy to see then this would create a basis for my little metaphysical friend, the Mobius Onion, or the 13th onion, if you want to be dramatic.  This onion would constitute all of reality, plain and simple.  And what’s more, it would be infinite and infinitesimal.  Both requirements for fundamental reality, a principle I believe I established a couple years ago in my Journal 50. 


 Oh, now we bring it back down to personal social politics, how sad.  It shows a remarkable resemblance to Christ-likeness, to truly being a disciple of the Son of God and more than a mere Christian, a term deserving of its derogatory connotation.  The idea of a selfless hero comes into play here.  However, water does not benefit everyone unilaterally; some live high and dry to make another metaphor (See Scrooge in A Christmas Carol). 

However, now I am merely taking a stance on the debate: top down progressivism or bottom up progressivism?  The best answer is to level the playing field, truly, but top-down is second, while servitude is last.  Happiness and altruism are, almost by their very nature, symbiotic and well guarded memes.  I would be medically applicable to trying to save a dying man of imminent intestinal collapse by restoring the native flora found there, the helpful bacterium.  However, the only way is to take someone else’s, and you know what, they would die instead.  A more commonly acceptable (and much less graphic) example is someone who throws a stranger out from the path of a bus.  It sounds nice, and everyone wants to say, “Oh, we need more people like that,” except that, by their very nature, they are in short supply.  No one wants to part with happiness, it’s psychologically ingrained to hoard gold and throw feces.  What can I do, people are just clever animals.  Creating martyrs helps no one, because they can only do so much, mostly for themselves, for their self image.  It’s true; maybe if being nice wasn’t such an appealing idea, then society would have more genuine philanthropists.  A selfless person is always raised above the lowest selfish people, thus reducing the whole, “love thy neighbor” bit to rubble. 

For this second part I will refer you back to. <**> However, a true servant will find the most unsuitable environment and recreate it, where there was once was ugly, make those see beauty, where there is crime, transform it to virtue.   At once though we must return back to the inference that there is nothing to say of one without implying the other; a profound mind is in fact, one of the most superficial ones.  Just take me for example, I can’t even go a paragraph without making a physical reference, pop culture insult, or personal introjections; I have just proved myself right.  And by pointing out my honesty, I am becoming nothing more than a selfish person who desires dearly not to be on the bottom of the social pyramid. 

But here is where I absolutely draw the line: “One of deep virtue does not contend with people; thus, he is above reproach.  No, foolishness is punishable no matter what or where.  Maybe contention is the reason for the offense, but a true Taoist knows that he cannot change everyone or everything.  Besides, the most heinous contentions to another person are the notions of absolute truth, and that is what a Taoist is all about.  I can think of at least 15 people off the top of my head that would immediately offended regarding the content of this book.  And even though they would seek blood and retribution, a wise person would not invoke their gods or morals in comparison to their own.  Part of the reason for the survival of the separate states of the East and the West is their utter lack of communication (for a singularly brilliant analogy see Babel Fish, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, pg. {this is, in and of itself, proof positive for the holistic nature of reality, and a great pun unintended}42).  However, a brave new world is being formed in the sociological womb of the earth, an unborn Era of Camaraderie.  But will this era and its mother survive the process of birth?  The West holds that it won’t, and can’t; the book to stand by, the Bible, describes the final chapter of the earth in great horrific detail, and the “birth pains” are what we shall see in the end times.   I just have one fundamental question about the Book of Revelation, and that is “which is the child, of the Devil, or is it godly?”  In short, as far as I could concern myself, which of these two parents, Philosophy of the East and Dogma of the West,  will contribute more to this hypothetical, and yet, inevitable generation[s?]; more importantly, which characteristics will come to define the global populous, as the order will be excruciatingly important!  I cannot overstate this!!


What is life itself but ostentatious and glorious display?  Just look at the artisan imbedded in the codes of existence.  Even if He is artificial, or mortal, he does have his ways of making the mundane mystical, and the mystical mundane.  That is, in and only of itself, worth immense praise and commentary.  All of the various scientific fields and metaphysics are dedicated to the Art of Science.  Besides, as soon as one sets boundaries, one will be broken, and that is why Tao is so brilliant.  I cannot even here press judgment upon the immortalized founder of Taoism, after all, I do not trust anyone or anything who claims to know all of everything, or all of the Absolutes inherent in nature; even saying that ‘I know a guy who knows everything’ is plain wrong.  It is either a. blasphemy, b. hubris, or c. both. 

Lao Tzu is nothing more or less than human, and I can fully accept that.  Can you?  If you can’t, I would re-evaluate my conception of self if it were me (as I had done many years ago now, it seems), which is either too low or too high.  Too rant more generally, people need to see all of observable reality as a Worshoc test, and even then, their own initial reactions must be under careful scrutiny.  It sounds difficult, but it must be done, and it becomes a simple matter of habit, much like driving.  This is a founding principle of Tao, distance from the self.  However, I think that it has been given too much latitude, and Taoists will end up as soulless husks if they endear themselves to this important aspect.  After all, full retreat from the common point of reference is still running away. (To all of you: You must not run away!!)


The answer, and I can speak for everyone, I’m quite sure: No, I cannot!  Hell, if we could all return to stem cells, all our problems would be solved.  I for one, need to think that not all problems should be solved at the same time and stay that way.  Why can’t this guy entertain the notion that maybe we’re already united—under a banner of selfishness?


Yes, I know everyone needs to be a psychic vessel, to have an unfinished part of ones’ self. As I just said two seconds ago that is what every human being has in common.  And everyone has their way of coping with this on a personal level; it becomes a matter of personal preference as to how they do this.  Oh, and all those blank consciousness that we need to express ourselves in:  it’s called the Internet, the computer, the tape recorder, the blank page, and/or the good listener.  But all of these things need an audience and an actor.  I think therefore, that I have established another set of reflexive pairs of opposites here, established unto the destruction of my mind and any who understands these following symbols/words:  yin/yang=individual/collective=self/other=actor/audience=illusion/reality=collective/individual=other/self=…… at some point the opposites interchange, the small becomes the large, even as I started from the most general and slowly worked my way down, until the 4th iteration, where the basic premise of all identity is revealed, that it is a true lie!  And of course, once this becomes apparent, the tables switch, and the process unfolds again, as revealed in the 5th iteration.  It would then again switch on the 9th iteration, the 13th, ect. 

Interesting how I stumbled upon the power system of the imaginary number unit, I.  Every 5th power, it is equivalent to the first.  Similarly, the 4th and 8th are the same but inverted.  But wait!  No this has another axis to it; it is a fully three dimensional mental concept structure; a real life memplex!  Amazing!  Double imaginary numbers!  Wow…I find this dreadfully fascinating, but you do not.  So, continuing onward…


Does this man condemn all expressionism?!  What the hell is wrong with him!?  He needs to set up and appointment along with the Universe!!  Oh, and five is important later. 


I cannot believe that anyone is greatly shocked by anything anymore.   This doesn’t mean that people see the “unadorned plainness”; everyone now things that the world, in many aspects (such as fashion, seasons, and political conniving, all of which, likely enough, are linked together.  After about four years of repetition of the same boring and infuriating sets of circumstances, they seek to replace those in power for those that haven’t been in power for 8 years.  And the election process always runs the same: subtle, truth evading information manipulators pandering for the attention defected masses.  But enough about the Media) work in cycles, and are thus, bored and sometimes shocked, if circumstances work to create something (which, as nothing is neutral, would either benefit them or “disgrace” them).  I think the word ‘coincidence’ is precisely what is meant be the “lining of the stars” that gives rise to special circumstances.  All else is boring dross. 

I think the second section (perhaps I should call them meta-haikus and just be done with it) is amazingly underscored.  Do people really think that this isn’t true?  Or have people become so attached to their psychological and culturally idiosyncratic ‘blinders’ that they can’t accept this?  I can accept and believe, but is this, in effect, just a manifestation of my general disregard for my own culture, or an expression of base rebellion?  My desire to question everything has more than once earned me punishment, and I am extraordinarily self-critical on top of that.  Perhaps it stems from guilt because I feel that I am abandoning the faith of those around me.  And now what, since I have identified all of these things about who I am and what I do; I can’t abandon my personality, my sense of identity, the one that I alone can hold.  People have tried to abandon self, because they have the same issues with the world that I do, but all of that is documented elsewhere. 

But above it all, the question remains: “where are my boundaries, the one’s that separate me from another person?”  This is an important topic to consider when watching Evangelion, but here Lao Tzu has devised a simple resolution:  forsake boundaries.  Do not seek to define the differences between yourself and others.  Doing so can only create hypocrisy, and an abandonment of the principle, the Golden Rule.  I too have abandoned this ideal, out of hopelessness.  Even assuming that I treat others how I want to be treated, I cannot always expect the same, and what’s more, have no capacity for the patience necessary to let the world conform to the new me.  So then, I have instead begun to treat others in a slightly different tone of the Golden Rule, in a way that might have shocked Descartes, but nonetheless, he could not disagree with:  treat others as if they were your self.  You may laugh, but any competent psychologist knows that that is what the human subconscious naturally seeks to do; the main question then is how does the normally calculatory sub-strata of our minds reach this conclusion?   One of the few feasible theories is that it does not, or cannot, distinguish between entities.  It follows then that a. the subconscious is actually a retard, or b. there is nothing truly different amongst people.  So, live (or indeed, try to) as if you are the only person in the world- priceless and pure, without the confines of social, political, and religious ties.  But then keep also in mind, that there is that web that makes all of humanity definable as a cohesive group.  The only way to say this properly is what I have garnered from, strangely enough, the realm of anime: a stand alone complex. You have to keep in mind that you are part—and thus the entirety—of the Mobius Onion worldview that is espoused not only by me, but was developed separately by Lao Tzu, thousands of years before.  How sad that I can only tell you to think critically and rationally about who and what you are in this world, and can only give this request: acknowledge the Truth. 

On a politically philosophical level, the third haiku returns to the ‘perfect social servant’ mentality, one that our American founders believed in to the death, but we as a nation, not as many as 250 years later, have abandoned.  I’ll keep it simple this time:  they were right, we are wrong. 

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